BLOCKS w/ Modular

So I’ve had these little lighty things for a few months now and have been plugging away in Max with them making some fun stuff – head to Cycling ’74 to see that.

But I turned it to the modular the other night to see how it would team up with the Expert Sleepers FH1 – if you don’t know it you should because it’s easily the best eurorack module out there for interfacing a vast array of midi controllers, iPads etc. etc. and giving a level of control to the modular not normally possible without a whole lot more gear/hp/case space.

The BLOCKS team up well, but unlike the Seaboard RISE which you can switch into single channel midi mode the BLOCKS is stuck in full 16-channel MPE midi mode, which results in a whole lot of data being thrown at the FH1! It’s up to you to harness that data and use a custom script on the FH1 to real it into something useful. Here are three custom scripts that do that, these are built for myself so bare in mind I had a target scenario in mind. But by looking at how I wrote them you should be able to adjust them to what is suitable for you. At the moment I’m not addressing any expanders, that will come in a future post 🙂

The function something like this…

0 – cv/pitch
1 – gate
2 – velocity
3 – aftertouch
0 – cv/pitch
1 – gate
2 – aftertouch
3 – aftertouch 2
4 – aftertouch 3
5 – aftertouch 4
6 – aftertouch 5
7 – aftertouch 6
0 – cv/pitch
1 – gate
2 – velocity
3 – aftertouch
4 – aftertouch 2
5 – aftertouch 3
6 – aftertouch 4
7 – aftertouch 5

And sound something like this…

A video posted by Tom Hall (@tomhallsonics) on

Inside the download are the HEX files ready to load on the FH1. Check the read me for other details

Download Here


Just posted some sound updates (studio sketches) to the front page Here

Wrapped up a huge few months of new works with a new video work of mine screening as part of Suzy Poling’s Smashism Group Video Screening.

The turn out was solid.

so thankful to be part of the Smashism Group Video Screening tonight, stella turnout & many amazing works! . A fitting event to wrap up @siouxsiepod Infinity Stage residency at @coaxialarts

I’ve also been working on getting my album finished and have another live performance coming up at La Cita on September 6th in Downtown L.A. I’m very excited to grace the walls of this legendary latin bar with my sounds.

Live Av Aug.13th

Playing a brand new set with new material Aug.13th at Coaxial, downtown Los Angeles.

I’ll be joining Suzy Poling performing as Pod Blotz and Cube (s.f.)

For details on the show click here and Coaxial

Performances 10pm onwards


Things I’ve been working on.

Max / Jitter / Modular

granular synthesis
jit.gen (stepping into it)
texture and shape displacement
Roll Seaboard Rise

New case
New Arrangment
New Modules – Expert Sleepers FH-1 / 4ms QCD Ver2

Multiples #jitter #maxmsp #cycling74 #videoart #digitalart #opengl #ambientmusic #dronemusic #sound #electronic

A video posted by Tom Hall (@tomhallsonics) on

Moiré pattern

A little play around with Moiré patterns in Jitter, patch shared below. Uses jit.gen

Max patcher

<pre><code> ———-begin_max5_patcher———- 2113.3oc6bssjahCD8YOeEpbk21ItzMt38oY+NRkxE1nwlrXfEjmYRRk7su5 B3ArAagCFT1ZSlAWijPz8QG0p6VB+8GlMec5arh4f+D7IvrYe+gYyTEIKXV4 eOa99f21DGTnZ17D1qoq+x7G0UwYuwUEGmFDtmUT.PUUkbXe5AdLiqtOTYoQ gplK5hORvUMU2N9WyXZIY9bvmKqpf+0XUoyqZbV.eytnjsqxYa351SoKfOBP 9xqdX4Ur35w9PHIQIGEDYY+3gGjWd7WSmKhiBY.GfiwpL0oSU9YABx6od63h TJtm5CGmKq4jgSyCVW7SyU5tGmKh1lDDeaZsOTdk3MdC2aBhY.3BwO9xOPXu ElS18FJxd0fNU+A5J7c2aA.NreMKuiQXbKJmaUSeNMgmDrWqD+UdjXvsrl8o gr52dWbgGOapfrOeNXipcvNQJYqJh9lpPElzI.5AWpPNBQMqw8L7SHIpm0wN oAfhGPFURPVwtT9OAXnwLIr+cwFhlG4StLa5VT98Ldmjo1zO2AU+b8TKK3pW hPqjig0hfvMlOAB6L+5SK9ULVRbFYikG8G3ivEl6R.Z40MjzK6mlaU.6n.Gp ulh3N7Hkf8J5Cy4DnaAKD7j0AIaGTLwA5q+3LL44z78ApF61JJcrqyCTVAVw RBVqEG3MYIonHXK6LxVVZQDOJMA7AD.B5goTxDR2TLLG8DS+kCuY2.NO+Pzk wBYaTMda7pMowo4yaYN4f44BwgnmhoTcTK7o6k0nuDwWrMdgf+rC7TXdvqqj ti.hiRXqJ34QYfmTpO.o9ObginYrL9tRBqfU8jpwuFEx2IZwShBSBqp83eq5 U22iARdOaROjvqOG+py7QN2.sTnhqDyEyidSZCXfHoKUCQTryBGomRzpkRZe .a4TxRICLKkP8GaV5sslIgNYFwPtZvw2+dsl40PJxBmkliTSt49JjZ43iTXy gIzjASN5PyHXzHmJGILo7axXPBdCfzv4YF008c25cuCln5xUKoIQHTLPI9m4 9YMct0WBTkoLBM7tY0EgRrxuLIQT3By8326F83ePgpkpk+bICexD6a.PzIO. nxE3HH5+QC.BOc9N3nM0qSi48H.n9R2fSNcqZ4OpkGucsPg9PORti+j6Wg1i h6wx.8jrgbsfj639agss7Td.mUZYqGauHhN0d6WYayez7532r7bfsj7bPn5k e7z4jaxyygfxipO1pGNjUQcOpG0AxoKhMR4duiw+eN8tDWeosP00Y2BC8taT 8KMdwRLdIRe6JInkaWL8JwEgp2Qr7RXpDmDO1nX1Kr7Bgu50ZsXpeVVshmU6 Vjf6WRUcj2iGKJJQWD5XQ4rWhpte3wRCxEpCWnKGx05+a9UddTtm74IByRUy LUCyOT0gUHfOTublumNaC5jBKmpWgABJwVclYU2.bwxGqcAUugrPQjJB.13a X813zM+MKrthMOMikDkjkyJXIB2CNQumGxdN3PLeU6ixMq+jiVPyJak2Ma91 7nvzDoPzXTTVb0iSFgi1jXckQ0hjfrVtYAmWf3cTYgPIOTrNHWNHW5jEtpRd ZZbypNdewrm4kUmEkjbBJxSy5tx7ns6tv8tNUT49K02pZJVcHQW6JgAB9phf WZh17f33RKFM692BRhDykY7H8P.FdrRsI5cEaxSiianu5ZdokZBEyO1vNtPJ rNYPz7nrJRz7iixgQaYE7lkwC1VzrjyrsHJ5v5x4+q3r8YwBsnYCZbp6pOYu ts0FkeIarmbnRxDOWV8pZ0T6Y9P.qeKWNMScn2cEoOUe3CPJugomcFD5vKgY Uq7TZVZ3QpWXapksjtcLqy8Z5xKOcE2tt.H1gYqKiuXG0Z4zkWGewiC9lkFy S2Dj2etH5WAfe79.xkQwg0aau0.x+AnVzBlygWZWTX8otAsDq2uYqwDgJ4F2 FB6YUHb4NOhbTFgcMvHAbbPXg8AgaHow81HgqsZi.UdporGaDEuF8MvW6MC1 tVlCC0GTUBr83vlLaDJz8sditXKyIBeKEcEQ5tu+tnYkfKT6gF0ZL9JzcvEV YC1N3RMGbGP+aIkmj4aL9g2iAWl.uNB9R8zk02NrVjdHeSEMozKJPS4PDLIO J4XFI9z6NzBPMZ3tnvPVxonbXTgL.1Py4.8UjcOSRZWjOW0lRI1XP1NDYhgh rq0PKv8PhsCLFYJHKyrgsHyHSkYh0vLZw10EjYKAmgFhyT6QjMThI+1Iw3AR hAe9g2KY31SJ89EAH.0aWFAC7gheLdap7rqsopZyp7G08g80njvzWAOIEUfK Ep98omKBB55.azBR5dqmn1ACCqNHs52OkkzwduryYIgrbvSr7fBl9UcPcnWf xciVSXDHPlvocy4mNSNpVdBAbzY0ye7Ng.bvZfBJMFrn+Bfk9IMjHFRebTtC uzl7zsaiYleX26T4iR32z2UCkeWE.qtdsMSeXNhYcvS9GQemmBd+0C45msro 8v+Se2Ruqi89lCNXe+dPHt0RrZuNjQpVzLjeMDbp2Nk.wYd43W26EShU9bua N2ylyFPFRoQ95CZShCdzDGOCDG+QSZnNlfNnwSdvFHO3QDeLPb7rJowYTkFj 0HMDSlXQGQ4wjAKLc7jGhIyzcGO4wjY5jwSbPlLbAGO4AZh7LdKpaD6YzjlS T7NPmwyvL1DmLHin73YWKqiMwMCJ1tjGhqcIO3QTdLZwqQb7hXWwTfw1UPEX iV8Z7VMEaxpWnwyMdrUEfLxnUuFOqyH6J+AHKKhcjmcY74Dmz6PdFuHKPTKa 7hXYxCxpR4iIRysRdzYx7jWTLofbxKH1IubXm+hg08KE1ouPXhm7Od3eA49S 5R. ———–end_max5_patcher———– </code></pre>

Wrap Up 2015

Wrapped up the year with a nice gig at South of Sunset, put on by the great people at Volume.

Played a 30-min live set along side Marcus Fischer and Shuttle 358.


Recording from the desk.

Berlin Pic Essay

Just back from Ableton’s Loop Festival – will talk more about that soon. For the moment here is a few pictures I took during the week.


































To Fly

So I’m off to Ableton’s Loop Festival today. Pretty excited to be representing Cycling ’74 and intrigued for the festival and a number of the presentations and performances.

I have a few workshops I’m running and a neat Max Connect Event. I highly recommend attending all of them, even if you’re not a Max programmer.

Max Connect Gig
Workshop 1
Workshop 2

Recent works on the home front;

• Finishing an AXXONN album – although unsure on the release specifics
• TMH Video and Sounds works in progress
• TMH gig at this neat event PANGEA by Futra on November 7th – Facebook event

A video posted by Tom Hall (@axxonn) on

A video posted by Tom Hall (@axxonn) on

Environmental Inspiration

Natures vertices & arrays #nature #environment

A photo posted by Tom Hall (@axxonn) on