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BLOCKS w/ Modular

So I’ve had these little lighty things for a few months now and have been plugging away in Max with them making some fun stuff – head to Cycling ’74 to see that. But I turned it to the modular the other night to see how it would team up with the Expert Sleepers FH1 […]

Berlin Pic Essay

Just back from Ableton’s Loop Festival – will talk more about that soon. For the moment here is a few pictures I took during the week.

Found Sound

Found on the side walk during my coffee break.   


Far too long between drinks, new AXXONN in the pipeline, in the lead up I’m going share the entire back catalog week by week, here we go…  


A little cameo on New Girl Season 4, Episode 3

Hot Los Angeles

We’re currently experiencing some of the hottest weather I recall since moving to Los Angeles. Here’s a selection of images I found when searching “Vintage Hot Los Angeles”


As much as I enjoy the hustle and bustle I equally enjoy the solitude. ¬†More>>