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Elements / Stills

Some stills from recent trigonometry orientated jitter experiments.


Extracts from my first play with Mutable Instruments Elements, pinged by Grids, output into Max7/Jitter.


Working on new themes, concepts, audio and visual for axxonn. Feeling inspired.


Video stills from a new piece I’m working on.

Fall Into Dark

Video Clip for single Fall Into Dark, from forthcoming album Many Days End, out November 6th.

Interesting, Interest

I’m not sure why, but I really like, DIY demo videos, unboxing videos and anything instructional that’s of done on the fly. I like watching other peoples, but do make my own occasionally for ‘demonstration’ purposes.   The Unboxing video phenomenon dates back to 2006 Not to mention the millions of demo videos on youtube, […]

Leap Tweak’n

Worst demo video EVR! But I hope you get the idea. Basically running UP and >DOWN a setting of momentary switches using Max. Looking to take it to seamlessly/slewing between them and any nature of highly accurate controls can be achieved with just ones fingers floating in the air. The LEAP is incredibly accurate, detecting […]


First bit of patching something up Leap Motion device, controlling hardware synths via finger signals.

The New Year Rig

Currently working up a complete new ‘live’ rig for 2013, it’s most likely ditching Ableton Live completely, utilizing just Max for both live sounds and visuals and a little sample playback. At present the audio component of the patch looks like this (quite basic) but adding in sample playback shortly in combo with the existing […]

Sunday Funday

So as my programming gets better so do the visuals, as expected, right?! The next post will be video of this, I promise.

Light Painting

Live Trajectories programmed in Lua/Max6

Programming in MAX FOR LIVE

The accumulation of an extensive video series I’ve been working on about MAX FOR LIVE. This is the perfect opportunity to get into programming in Max For Live…..go for it!!

Xbox Kinect

A little more jamming with the Kinect, using the jit.freenect object – going to start building it into a performance shortly.  

Xbox Kinect + 3D Spacial Mapping

Having a play with spacial mapping etc. with the Xbox Kinect last night, easily one of the cheapest, coolest pieces of hardware around.

Human Resources

Snippet of sight/sound for my live set tonight