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Mad Jam – Avatron vs Nightrider

Had a really fun Jam/Rehersal after packing up my exhibition tonight with the boys from Avatron (Paul O’brien & Benjo Keaney) these guys sure know how to pack out the jam, tearing up any amplifier left untouched. Paul really had a big day as he completed a rather successful solo performance piece in front of […]

The Hyatt Hotel Canberra

Inorder to make the hours go by a little quicker I have started taking a few snaps each night I work. I probably would get slapped over the wrist if the head honcho knew but hey, when have I ever been one for sticking to rules. As the gun night cleaners Mahesh (my cleaning buddy) […]

Boyz & Girlz Come On Down

Tomorrow marks the start of my 4 day Photospace exhibtion at Photomedia ANU School of Art. The reason for only 4 days is I have alot of equipment that is mostly lent and can’t afford to let it go missing, I’m short on time also therefore 4 days it is. Next week there will be […]

Betta Dayz

After big sleepys, Friday and well into Saturday, Yuko and Myself went to Ayako’s for lunch. Between Ayako and Yuko they made some of the best Econom-yaki I have ever had, it was so yummy and proves that you can’t do it without the right ingradients (Ayako has just returned from Tokyo). I was so […]

Killa Week

This is how my week worked. Sunday: Got back from the coast completely parched had 4 hours sleep and started work a 10pm. Worked until 4am and returned home and slept until 1pm Monday. Monday: Got up and went straight to Uni. Assignment for the week was to compile the most motley bunch of video […]

The Past 5 months

July 19th Yuko is back from Tassie so I’m pretty happy today, even though I worked hard at uni for most of the day. Just recovered from a major weekend on the southern NSW coast it was awesome. Celebrating Richo’s 21st which was done in fine style, with fine food and company. Be sure to […]