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Roll'n Like a River…..

Today I had a look at a pretty dam fine book. It’s new to the library at uni but no one is likely to get it for a while as everyones re-calling it. It’s a restrospective of pretty much every piece of work Vito Acconci has ever made. 500 pages of pure genius. So to […]

Silvia Saint, Bacon and Roza

Another bang’n night of tunes and dancing. I’m not really sure how long this can keep going, well my ankle anyway. Silvia Saint (the fuck burgerz + tarquin) cranked out a great set tonight at Roza’s 21st. Not long after the second band started bacon rolled in the drive way, 1/2 after that bacon x2 […]

Watashi wa Nihon ga Dai Suki

Yesterday Yuko received a package from Japan. In the package was also some goodies for me, food of course. Yuko’s Mum sent me two packets of Green Been chips, a Melon Bun and a story about the Bamboo Princess which I learned about on an outing to Koudaiji Temple to see the beautiful Autumn gardens […]

5000 Good Ones

So I’ve started to work on my report about my art practices/influences etc. for the end and I’ve been looking at alot of artists. One artist that interests me is Dennis Openheim Below he can be seen in performance piece ‘Parallel Stress, 1970. The top image shows him at the point of extreme stress after […]

Nobody Knows

‘Nobody Knows’ the best film I have seen this year. It helps that it’s in Japanese as I found myself fondly reminiscing of my times in Japan. A great story and really well acted by first time actors. It makes ‘Lost in Translation’ look like puss. Actually ‘Lost in Translation’ is a really bad depiction […]

f#%^&king ankle

bit of an ongoing injury this one, started back in my athletics days in my teens when I was covering up to 40km a week. basically the tendons/ligaments holding my ankle together actually aren’t therefore it sprains quite regularly and badly (3x this year already) so the latest incident sore me go down in the […]

Some Txt I Like

According to the current tenets of critical theory, the viewer of art, the reader of text, the audience of a film or a theatre production are all performers, since our live, immediate responses to an art work are essential to the completion of the work. Even the lecturer or the critic “performs” a text, allowing […]

what a weekend

party on saturday night consisted of wine, a kissing booth, writing your name with your bum (as a dance move) and the limbo $1? what a steal!!! style’n ouch!!! 1,2,3.floor

The Mind Control Unit Must Be Destroyed

Think about how your television is placed in your home. Everythnig revolves around it as if it’s a shrine of soughts. This is the ultimate mind control devise. I earge you to destroy your T.V. “it felt so good to smash it Tomo…..aarrgghhhhh” Paul Obrien ‘AVATRON’


This week has got along faster than I just wrote this. Some photos by Yuko from my opening in Photospace on the 27th of July of my work created in Japan 2004. There was also a live Sound Performance that went well despite needing some work and more practice. “the 1 that got away was […]


The consumption of space of an abnormal nature is something that interests me greatly. If you are able to make it into these ‘Spaces’ the perspective that you get on things is undescribable, Try It and see. Tomorrow/Today (Wed 10th of August) I’m being featured on the noise front page. No huge achievement but 1 […]


So I’m going to be World famous this week, well WWW famous huh. Hi Tom, You’ve been selected as one of this week’s Arist of the Day! You will be featured on the splash page of the website on the 10th of August. We’ve also published your artwork and profile in the main part of […]


Well there is never enough in my opinion. Today ANU was shut down because of some chemical fire/explosion in another faculty and I was really pissed off because we didn’t get to do round 2 of our Performance. It’s ok though, we made up for it by going to the Wig and Pen and downing […]

Nightrider meets Avatron – Round 1

The Performance went off with a bang. I was pretty happy with the overall effect. Some things need to be refined and some things need to be dropped all together. The generally overall feedback was good although there was a few that hated it and one suggestion that I tended to agree with was that […]


A video still from tomorrow nights footage that will be screened during our Performance. For more info click HERE. Come and check it out.

1 of those days

Today I thought I would get up and into it early at uni and all that happened was procrastination of sorts and lots of bungled attempts at creating a ‘Womb’, don’t ask just come along on Wednesday night at 6pm in Photospace. So I feel as if I am dragging my feet this semester although […]