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Bang'n Brissy

I read somewhere today ‘Brisbane is the new black’

+ a little bit more

I’m really loving Brisbane, the heat, the minimal clothes one has to wear, the shops, the scene…… and so on…… Brisbane has more Oporto’s than Canberra CBR 0 / BRIS 1 Brissy has a natural body of water that runs through the city and doesn’t smell CBR 0 / BRIS 2 Brisbane’s bus system runs […]

Look out the Crue are coming to Town

Pretty stoked with this little purchase, an A-Reserve tck to see Motley Crue, need I say more. Been a fan since I was 8 (that’s 17 years) and despite my begging my mother wouldn’t let me see them at the Palais in St.Kilda when they played here in ’91, (I couldn’t see the problem cause […]

Reality Reflex

The performance tonight went really well. I was pretty happy with how mine went and I’ll talk some more about it later when I’m not so tired. Off to Brissy tomorrow and then Noosa Sunday, really looking forward to hitting the BEACH and a break from Canberra.

20 0n 20 off

I’ve put a few big days into my studio report and my work in the last few weeks and still feeling positive. Will have the 1st draft of my report in tomorrow (Friday) and then I’ll cap the day off with a performance at 6pm Pretty happy with how the old reports shaping up and […]

Art & Sound & Fun in the Sun

Wow todays been a steamer, trying to get a little acclimatised ready for Queensland, huh. I spent a good part of it out washing my car and listening to Motley Crue my fav band since I was about 8 (that’s 17 years ago). Been getting ready for the Performance night this Friday @ 6pm, come […]

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

An interesting sound performance I watched back in 2003 in Brisbane. I can’t wait to be back there on Saturday.

Spaktastic Foolishism

Last night was a blast, props to Sam and Trev for putting on the gig and the opportunity to play. The quality of the tunes was spot on all night, I really rated it. Volley Love My live set went alright, I made plenty of mistakes but also learnt alot. Everything I played was my […]

I got the Canberra Blues

So the warmer weather a few weeks ago combined with me finishing my job had me feeling over the moon but now the weathers gone bad and I went to this exhibition last night that was on at canberra contemporary art space that was not so great (1 or 2 pieces I liked) and the […]

An Extract

I’ve been writting my Honours report now for about 2 weeks but I really laid down the juicy stuff this week. I really like this extract from my topic ‘Sound’; “The sound that I was hearing was a hybrid sound made up of muffled inputs from reality combined with my heightened perception and analysis of […]

Tokyo Today

Just a quick flick from one of my favourite web site daily checks “Tokyo Today”: Shinjuku ‘Electric City’ Japan, I Loved It.

Bloody Bandaids and Foolish Bosses

random photo of the week So my jobs been giving me the runs lately and then they pulled this stunt of trying to get everyone to work as a contractor without giving us the facts. They didn’t answer my questions so I gave them the flick, by SMS in the end cause the boss wouldn’t […]

25 Years and Still Going

Today I’ve clocked over 25 years (my B’day) so some reminiscing is in order and maybe a bit of my studio report. Firstly the most awesome Birthday card I have ever received, from my beautiful Girlfriend Yuko !! !! !! !! !! :EDIT: Right on que B’day surprise #2 turned up from Japan from Yuko’s […]

Last Night Blast

Friday night was my impromptu B’day bash at the Turners Bowls Club and boy did it go OFF. I started the night off on a couple of glasses of fine Red and a Chicken Schnitzel. After a few more brews to loosen up I started the ball rolling with Midnight Oils – US Forces. This […]

What A Tree

!! There’s something mysterical about this tree. I think it’s covering the hole to another dimension.

Sik of it

I’m sick to death of working at the Hyatt. It was ok to start with but know it’s just getting plain annoying. For starters I’m not working with my Indian friend Mahesh who used to help me get the place jumping and also we have a new supervisor who’s constantly ranting that he wants more […]

Chocolate Mmmmmm

!! Checked out Charlie and The Choclate Factory last night. It was awesome. It had alot to live up to as I only watched the original on Saturday night but I would have to put them both on parr. Last nights was great with that Tim Burton touch and with Johnny Depp doing a great […]

It's a lovily Red….

I’ve been plodding along on my art works wich are starting to come together, although I still have the crucial decisions of what to leave in and what to leave out to come. ‘The Cubby House is taking shape although a bigger T.V. is in order but that shouldn’t be a problem, I’m surprising myself […]