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Mondays Minced Mash

So I thought to myself, despite my sound works sounding fairly original I’m still yet to prove it’s mine to some people. So I whipped this video up tonight whilst I was having a little MINCE MASH on the lappy. !! The ingredients consist of; a mic sitting in a coffee cup a pair of […]

Geting There

Got heaps done at uni this weekend which is good as I only have 14 days left till I have my final assessment. Been Jamming out with Ableton Live 5 that I recently got, it kills Live 4. Here’s a little number I belted out this arvo. !! Made with 2 tracks. One is a […]

What's All This About

I don’t usually rave about music but this shit is REAL. rEaL fresh!! HOLLYDRIFT check it out “HERE”: !! Best track is Amphenol and it’s a free dowload

State of …..

……Fluxus can best describe my current head set. I’m churning out the work but I’m already thinking “next year” which is so bizaaaaar, but I think it’s my way of not giving a fuck about NOW. Could have something to do with this crazy mish field recording music I’ve been listening to from Hollydrift. “Here’s […]

The Art School Ball – LJ249

The best Ball I’ve been too. The 1st one was a write off for me, the 2nd one was at the Holy Grail (need I say more) and the 3rd one I missed cause I was in Japan. This one was wicked as I knew most of the guys playing and even got to have […]

Sister Snaps

Last night was a blast at Braddon Bowlo Karaoke, everyone excelled themselves at making the entire audience contemplate our sanity with some quality tracks (that no one had ever heard of) and singing. Anyway I got heaps of shots but I like these; Here we have Phong getting shots of Sam tackling Emily and you […]

Over and Out

Honours Report is completed!! It’ll feel pretty good to drop this sucker off at the office tomorrow knowing that not only is it completed but it’s quality. The report ended up around 7000 words. Been working pretty constantly on this set for the ball for a month now although it’s been cut and shut alot […]

Mind Vs. Matter

I’ve finally finished producing another video, I think I have about 2 to go. This one is titled Mind Vs. Matter. !! The construction process is coming along well and will be in full swing after Friday when I hand in my Honours Report (7000 words). I’m looking forward to just making and not have […]

Breaking News

I’m in a group show of performance artists in Boston, USA. I’m showing documentation of my performance “‘Reality Reflex’”: which I performed recently at ANU School of Art, Canberra. I am also showing my video art work ‘Garage and I’. The show, put on by Encounter Works, looks set to be pretty good. You can […]

Artcore For Ya'll

Well I wasn’t sure how well Artcore was going to go, I’ll admit I had my doubts. But, It was pretty big with about 400 people through there for the day, despite cutting it short due to regular power failures. It was finally good to see my piece be put into context. !! !! !! […]

Hanging Out with Kimiko & Fukue

!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! It was great having Fukue and Kimiko stay and sad to see them leave.

Good Friends = Good Times

Kimiko & Fukue have been visiting Yuko and I for the last few days and it’s been heaps of fun. We met them last year whilst sight seeing in Nara (Canberra’s sister city). At first when they arrived my Japanese was pretty rusty but it’s been coming back to me at a rapid rate and […]

Straight Up Craziiiii

I thought I would just document this moment when I was walking through civic yesterday and I pointed my camera up at the sun (not reccomended in the manual) and this is what I got; !! I thought I had burnt out my CCD but it’s OK?!

Cause your a Teaser and your got No Heart At All…..

1st of all what band and song is the title (of this post) line from? Post your answers below, the first to get it right wins themselves a prize, I’ll mail it anywhere in the World. !! Speaking of Teasers, download “This Track”: and get ready for a meloncholy set from LJ249 aka Me at […]


Another Bathurst over and another Holden victory, taking out 1st and 2nd place again, despite the Fords having the 2 front grid positions. Funnily enough Ford haven’t won at Bathurst since the year before I had Bathurst tattooed on my leg. !! I got heaps of my Honours report done today, post race whilst the […]


It’s always a pleasure to hook up with this guy, just need more time though! !! !! stealth pics from “Yuko”: Who turned off the heaters in Canberra? Get ya Channels on 10 tomorrow to see the Holden’s bring another one home.


I rate this drawing ^ !!

Warm'n Up and Get'n Down

When I posted the other week that I’ve been a Motley Crue fan for over 15 years, there was a little bit of doubt from a few punters and one such punter suggested that I’ve just jumped on the ‘old skools cool’ band wagon. Well here is a pic of me wearing my Motley Crue […]

A little bit of Brisbane on my Mind

!! Nothing much to report on back here in Canberra (it’s like a ghost city). I have a gig coming up at the Art School Ball on the 22nd of October which should be a bit of fun, I have a few stage antics planned and will also be the first time I use some […]

The New Black

I miss Brisbane and I haven’t even left yet. !! !! !! !! !! Props to Griffo, Tammy, Mick, Megan and Damo for looking after Yuko and I, having us stay and hanging out, goodtimes x10