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The Australian National University – School of Art

!! What a farce is all I can say!!! Firstly, only a week before our assessment a lecturer with some authority admitted to us that there is a marking bell curve. Secondly, I went to school on patrons day as advised to do, What a waste of time!!!! They’re not interested in your work unless […]

Zine It Up

Been working on my zine a bit lately. What else is there to do whilst this shitty weather percists??! I have 4 tracks finished and mastered ready for the CD and am waiting a few days before I start on the 5th and final track for the CD. I have most of my samples ready […]

I am over It

!! I’m am so over Canberra. The weather has just been atrocious this year and it just makes me feel even happier about leaving, 20 more days till I leave Canberra for good, bring on the sunshine and ocean.


My zine is coming together alright, it’ll be out before the 12th of December. 12 pages and a 5 track ep of my very own sound works. Contents going to be a bit mashed which I guess refers whole heartedly towards the sound works which are created using varied amounts of field recordings from our […]

Toasting Sink

!! Here’s a drum sample from Track 4 (yet to be titled, most likely Toasting Sink?!) of my up coming EP ‘This & That’ which will be coming out shortly. (more details soon). This little sample was made using a field recording of my sink (with water running on and off) and a toaster. Filters […]

Keep'n It Real

Check this link out and give it 5 minutes. This is the real Japan. I love the urban culture over there and can’t wait to get back. “Japan”: !! He didn’t quite hide it properly, lol.


Fun was had by all. Water was warm and Interviews were good. Forgot what insane fuel economy my car can get as a V8. Ceck that fuel gauge and how many k’s I’ve already done. Canberra 2 Sydney and back on one tank (6o litres) 10.4l/100km final figure. Nearly no 4cylinder cars could do that […]

Hit Tha Road

Going to Sydney today. Bye Bye !! In other news, got a bit of grant funding through a friend to produce a limited edition zine. Looking forward to my first post-art school production. Yuko and I are probably going to collaborate on it so it will have a mix of photos, drawings and other random […]

Final University Works

Briefly, my end of uni artworks are about ‘the self’, an exploration into my subconcious thoughts and contemplation of day to day happenings with a heightened perception, making logical judgements and decisions when in this ‘realm’. I arrive at this psychological space by situation myself in abstract spaces within reality, spaces that serve a purpose […]


Is it really over?? I can’t believe 4 years has gone by so fast but then I think about what I’ve done and where I’ve been and realise that it is quite a bit. The present feeling is a little empty though. !,%20nm.jpg! I’ve finished university!

The Showdown

Well I’ve been on my feet for the best part of the weekend but I’m happy to say that all my work is operating soundly. My favourite piece is ‘Dicko Drain’ which goes off when combined with its structure. I’m going to fight hard and try and get them all up for the grad. show. […]

The Final Countdown

Well as the end grows nearer I find myself feeling remarkably relaxed, something that doesn’t mix well with on and off feelings of “have I really finished it all…” “is there something I’ve missed?”. only time will tell Anyway at this time in my honours I think I’d be lost without my fully charged iPod […]

Subconcious Betting

!! Yuko just informed me of my sleep talking last night. Yuko was actually awake and was asking me questions and I was answering but have no recollection today, at all. It went something like this; Tom: ‘$230,000’ Yuko: ‘What?’ Tom: ‘Baby, it’s $230,000’ Yuko: ‘What about?’ Tom: ‘Horse Race’ Yuko: ‘So you want the […]

A Like The Smell of Nails

First off, Link of the day is “Feral Media”: an independant music label that have some great full home grown song downloads you can grab there from dudes all around Australia. !! Really looking forward to getting this Honours assessment over and done. Of course I’ve been cranking out the sound works lately but I’ll […]


Had a fun arvo yesterday. After a solid 6 hours at school I capped the arvo off with Yuko, seeing the exclusive preview of a movie called RIZE (I won free tiks off the net) which is about this mad dance style out of South LA called ‘Krump’. It’s an all real doco, nothing special […]

Friday Lines

Yesterday I had an amazing flash back. An exchange student who I talked to quite a bit from Finland in my first year of uni dropped by almost at the opposite end of my degree to when I met her, what a spinOUT. !! Just pumped out a cool 20 laps at Dickson Pool, really […]


Check this out!!!! !! Yes it’s a variable speed homemade tape deck with a jog wheel and pitch control, I’d take this anyday over CDJ’s. p.s. The Honours assessment preperation is on schedule ;oP