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A little sound to feast on

A little track I made from my set that I played in Melbourne and the last of these samples. I’m currently recording a whole new batch all from the same recording device with the same settings with an aim to get more consistency, sonically. “Dial Tone.mp3”:

Christmas Dinner

“Here¬ís the Audio extract from my Christmas dinner.”: Features: ? Tom/Leeanne/Greg/Rebekah Hall, Paul/Meryn/Alistair/Angus/Olivia Yeates, Laurie/Shirley Saville and Yuko Mizutani. ? Cold Dinner with the works. ? Conversation varying from religion to ebay. !!


I try not to be a hater but some times I just can’t help it. Fuck, I hate George Bush!!! “Check this animation out featuring George W”:

Old Devonport

As good as it is to be home and see family and friends I can’t help the overwhelming feeling of nothingness. Right now it would be really easy to just slot back into to old ways, drinking on weekends and working weekdays but I’m fighting it. This city called Devonport is stagnant, worse than a […]

I'm Back

Tassie is so so so small. Just in an outing today I think I was talking to no short of 20 people I know. It’s a bit too much when everything revolves around only a few venues in a small town. Our stop over in Melbourne was pretty good. I think it’s probably the cheapest […]

Bye Bye Canberra

That time finally come. Bye to all those top people I met through the years and stuck by me in the good and the BAD. As I closed the door on the celtic goodness coming from Scott Morisons house a tear rolled down the cheek and another welled up and then I thought to myself, […]

As the Sun goes down

!! An era ends on Monday morning when I fly past the “Welcome To Canberra – The Bush Capital” sign on the Barton Highway, but I can honestly say there’ll be no tear in the eye, just a wry smile and the bird out the window. It’s been a good 3 years in Canberra (4 […]

Sydney Race Riots

OMG I cannot believe what’s been going on in Sydney of late. It really makes me sick to think about and just from the images it would be an educated assumption to say that half the Aussie guys or more didn’t even know why they were down at Cronulla, something like “Mum, I just went […]

This & That

Well well well, I haven’t wrote on here much lately cause everythings been pretty busy. Had Yuko’s farewell work dinner the other night and it was a major blast ( I highly reccomend Ethiopian ). Everyone was in a good mood for fun with plenty of drinkys and some good old fashioned “write your name […]

Fucking Awesome!!! After leaving a sunny Canberra I was greeted in Melbourne by some typical dirty weather (funny how I think of the rain as dirty in Melbourne but refreshing in Canberra). Not to dampen my spirits I set off to find myself a nice hotel. It came by the name of Uni Lodge which […]

Tomoz – Motley Crue

This time tomorrow night I’ll be Ggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’d up. !! I can’t wait to see my most favourite band in the World tomorrow night in Melbourne.

I've got a job to get my head around this one!

Ok, there’s been a few drama’s on the old blog in the last few days and I have enjoyed it alot (the true power of the www and blog has been revealed). It’s amazed me the number of people and calibre that have come up to me in the last few days and said “Tom, […]

A bit of Humble Pie, Yum Yum

Always hard to get down but I’m not scared to eat it. In responce to a bit of stick I’ve received over the last few days for posting my comments (and yes I was entirely aware that this is www). Ok, I voiced what I was feeling inside about MY school of art that I […]