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In Between

There’s something I find very attractive about in between places. Travelling to new places and hanging out with old friends within them give you the opportunity to see things in a whole new perspective (both the new place and the old friends). I also find these places to be particularly unnerving as there is little […]


As mentioned in a previous post, I received a prize in a local exhibition in Tasmania (art prize) and also a highly commended award for a second piece (I was just happy to be hung). Today I found out that one of my pieces was also purchased, unfortunately not ‘Supersize Rob’ which had a price […]



Four Tet

It the latest news, both my works were hung in the local Art Prize and I took it out a section, extending my bank account nicely. I also got highly commended with my piece ‘Supersize Me’ Will post a pic of the winning image and an explanation when I have a decent pic. Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Sydney […]

Off Off and Away

I’m off to Sydney tomorrow so there will be little action here for a week or so. Sure enough there will be plenty of stories to tell when I’m back considering I have a job interview, 4 concerts to attend, 3 art shows, some sound recording and a lot of lazing around on Sydney’s beautiful […]

Local Art Prize

There’s a local art prize on and we all thought we’d enter. Actually they have pretty good prize money, comparable to that of Canberra Contemporary Art Space. What is great is that they have a section that is for “Contemporary Art” and then it says that everything entered must have been made in the last […]

OMG The New Mac is PHAT

Have you seen the new computer from Apple?! It’s called ‘Mac Book Pro’. It’s basically the same as mine but 4x powerful, really that’s pretty insane because I wouldn’t call mine sluggish. As good a reason as any to start saving up the pocket money, I feel an upgrade coming at the end of this […]


I have written more today about my performance yesertday, but I am going to wait until I’ve edited it more before I post. GLITCH !! Something I wasn’t really fond of to start with, but the more I listened the more I liked. I recently got my hands on some of the sweetest minimalist glitch […]

Today I Was That Guy

“What’s That Guy doing on that platform?!” Was the most used call of the day. Venue: Hawley Beach, Tasmania, Australia Title: Stranded Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes The performance started at around 11:30am today, to the dismay of regular beach goers and those who infrequently read ‘The Advocate’ (the local newspaper covered my return to […]

One Performance to the Next

Tomorrow I’m going to sit atop of a platform that I’ve made (very makeshift, a nice dodgy feeling) and contemplate my existence, others and my surroundings all whilst being alienated from my reality (the ground) only to be un-controllably re-united with it again 6 hours later. I can’t really see anything that can go wrong […]

Christmas EP

Is your hunting round the net and need something to download I recommend you go “Hollydrift”: and download there Christmas EP, or just get it here; “Christmas EP”: Dark and gloomy it is and full of ambience maybe not your best Christmas cheer. It best comes under the genre of ‘Drone’, I really like this […]


I have a performance planned for next weekend which should be a cracker and it’s been getting a bit of PR, along with my CD This & That which is now in 3 different record stores.