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!! I posted a similar track to this previously but here is the real deal. It’s a kind of down tempo glitchy richy track that works itself up into a beat. It’s on the sound page of my website too. “Glitchy Richy No Streamers”: Speaking of website updates, mine has had a minor refab. Check […]

The Good 'ol days

Caught up with a good friend today that I haven’t seen for two years, since before I went to Japan. You definately know you have a good friend when you rock up at his place and he shoves a beer in your hand like you were there yesterday. It was great to catch up on […]

Break Beat Bash Mash

!! Just another side/side/side/side project as I might be doing some mixing up in Launceston at a club. This is an extract of a 45 minute jam. “Break Beat Bash Mash“: Stay Tuned, another performance coming very shortly.


My girl left today. Sayonara. !! I can’t wait to live in Japan again, soon.

Shut Up and Fish

There’s nothing like a spot of fishing to fill in a Saturday afternoon. !! !! !! !! !! and I couldn’t help but remember this particular moment from my last fishing adventure. !! Whose tongue?

Music of Sound

!! Lately I’ve been working on some new tracks for an album I hope to get out sometime this year. The process of making these tracks combines elements of field recordings and one-shot samples such a percussion/synths/melodies, either made by me or manipulated to add something different to the original sample. Although this process is […]

Summer Rulz

It’s now the best time of the year in Tassie with the sun beaming and the water boiling and the perfect pad to spend it at! !!

Here There & Everywhere

Just got back from a tour around Tassie. It was pretty good to be able to show Yuko the finer aspects of my home state and also discover a few for myself. We drove down to Hobart with stops at Campbelltown and Ross. Came back via the east coast of Tassie through Swansea, St Helens […]

The last Monaro of this era

!! Would you pay $160,000 for a normal cv8 monaro? Well someone is going to, maybe more. They are selling the last one to come off the production line before they stop the machines and stop making them all together to charity on ebay. “Check It Out Here”: …..and also check out some of the […]

What the f@#k?!

!! Man life really sucks sometimes! Lately (well since uni finished) I’ve been doing the biggest no brainers and have developed the skills of 0 time management to their fullest potential. Today I missed a very important job interview because I tried to take a route into the city of hobart that I didn’t even […]

The Go Go

Just because I’m back in Tassie doesn’t mean things stop. As you will have read previously Yuko sold a painting and also got a commission. I’ve really enjoyed watching the step by step progress of her portrait, I only wish I had of taken a photo earlier but here’s one with just the first base […]

From the Inside Looking Out

!! One of the new styles of sound I’ve been working on that is similar to my EP ‘This & That’ with a cut on mashing so many field recordings together and adding more melody. Below is a small example (yet to be completed). “All & Nothing Track 1”: Also as promised a track from […]


Just updated a little section of my website. Check out the “Performance”: section of my “website”: to see a detailed summary of my last performance and a load of pics from the day in chronological order. Some small audio samples of some latest works tomorrow.

Bee Bop Bee Bop

!! So I’ve got a few tips from my mate Kieran Hebden on music production. Nothing major but things are already sounding better and the improvisation process is much more enjoyable (it already was plenty of fun). I’ll post up some rough stuff in the next few days. These tips are mainly for my musical […]