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Unorthodox Art – Test 2

!! !! !! !! !! !! !! “The sound of Art being made.mp3“:

Missing Ship

!! Is anyone missing their 80 metre Oil Tanker? “Checkout this news story.”: I find it hard to fathom how someone can misplace something this big. !! So I’ve been getting outside a bit more and working on some stuff that doesn’t involve my laptop. I’ve been making rhythmic field recordings by ‘playing’ different everyday […]

The Games

Between selling stuff online, creating various projects and doing weights I’ve been getting in around 4 hours of Commonwealth Games action a day on and off. Highlights for me have varied with the top moments being John Steffani’s 400m win (my favourite distance from my track days) Brad Pitts heavey weight boxing rounds (He shapes […]

Moving and Shake'n

!! Been doing a bit of work for my Dad, transferring old Touring Car (“see V8 Supercars”: ) VHS tapes to DVD. For example the 1984 Sandown 500 and Bathurst, truly classic Australian car racing. One thing I can’t believe is how golden the old adds are, check this one out. Big Bill Templer !! […]


Today’s been rather un-eventful, surprise surprise, apart from me finding a whole bunch of quality field recording sites with some rather conceptual content. First off I found these Field Recordings that these kids were getting in NY in 1982 at Video Arcades with the legendary SONY Walkman. No doubt that these kids would have been […]

1 down 5 to go

I feel like things are getting bad when I know exactly what is happening with every narrative within Home and Away. OMG I can’t believe I’m watching such a trashy show and then there’s a dose of All Saints, Prison Break and Midday Movies thrown in for good measure. All I can say is ‘Thank […]


A little post I’ve had sitting around waiting to be published for a long time, something in this for everyone. This blog is an extension of my visual diary, airing ideas out that may need feedback or generally just a good purpose to continually re-access what I am doing and why?!. I have adjusted it […]

Pain Management

I’ll keep off the subject of pain for the moment cause I could go on forever. Instead I’ll post a few bits and pieces of work in progress. Exhibit 1 “Unorthodox ways to make ART” !! Exhibit 2 “A new sound mash technique I’ve worked out, this is a live recording” “Leg Mash”: Exhibit 3 […]

In the Wars

!! Just before going to hospital I chopped my finger. !! Morphine Smile – didn’t last long.

Come over to my world

!! A field recording starting at approximately 5:07pm March 9th 2006. Southern End of the Devonport Mall. At 5:15 recorder crosses Stewart St. proceeding along Rooke St. turning into King St. were recording finishes. “Devonport Mall – Field Recording (Come Over to My World)”: Tomorrow is OPERATION time, fun fun!!!

Happening Snappening

!! Not much is happening at the moment. I’ve got the ankle chop chop (operation) on Friday which I’m not looking forward to as it’s quite a lengthy operation 2+ hours (which means that alot of stuffs being pumped into to me while I’m out to it that’ll make me crook later). Been making tunes […]

Unorthodox Art – Test 1

Test one from my new series as explained “HERE”: !!

Flying Low

!! Somehow this full grown Plover barbed itself on the fence, trying to take a short cut I suspect. Anyway, I rescued it but not before I grabbed the Microtrack and got myself a field recording. Although not directly related to my current art project that’s on the burner, this does help me to work […]

This & That All Over Again

If you know me well, I say that I’ve been doing This & That, when I’ve actually been doing fuck all. Fuck All is not such a bad thing because it’s usually a time when great ideas (well that’s speculative) come to me. So I have a new Art project on the burner and it’s […]