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1 of Those

I had an experience today that was quite positive but left me kind of saddened and questioning myself, ‘What is it I like about this World?’. It’s a topic I have thought about and experienced extensively (not for a while though) before but I suspect just like before I won’t be able to answer my […]


!! !! The latest attachment (for the next 4 weeks) and gee does it beat the hell out of plaster! My first day back in Action and hasn’t it been an eventful one. 9am appointment to get the cast off my leg and boy did it feel good to get it off. I then got […]

1 day to go

I was shooting some video yesterday (sunday) which included my parents cattle, half way through it what should happen but a bit of the birds and the bee’s. !! !! !! The crazy thing is they’re ‘COWS’ meaning female on female. I’m not sure I can use it in my work but it definately made […]


Rooke St Mall – Devonport

Yesterday I caught up with some old high school friends. It’s pretty crazy hang’n out with dudes who know your every thought and answer your questions before you’ve even asked them, it always = mega laughs. As it happened we were down near the local mall and noticed some guys up to mischief. We watched […]



My 'Good Friday'

!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!


Nice Day for a White Wedding (blue actually)

!! !! !! !! !! My Mum’s friend got Married on Saturday. The evening was pretty fun, I was incapacitated so it consisted of me standing next to the bar for it’s entirety doing a lot of left arm bicep curls. There was plenty of characters at the bar with quite a few bikies with […]

Give Me Fire

“Textured Sound Scape ‘Fly’.mp3“:

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Going pretty craziiiiii here in Tassie but I’m making the most of the down time. I’ve been; Teeing up some live sound gigs + an exhibition for Japan Writting exhibition proposals + grants Making sounds scapes and beats Filling out job applications Making paper (selling Audio/Sound equipment) Sorting out my website (slow process) Driving my […]

Moon Rise