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!! It’s been a weekend of questions of subsistence. I’m not really sure what I’m doing here because the novality wore off months ago. I think it’s the repetitiveness that frustrates me most, something that happens less in bigger places, some people love it but I detest it, don’t get me wrong I’m happy to […]

Heterodox – 'ART' makes 'ART'

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Rants and Grants

!! Got home yesterday morning to a nice little surprise. A big envelope from the Australian Council for the Arts telling me that I have received a grant I recently applyed for. I was pretty stoked to get hold of one of these as they’re extremely competitive. Basically, it is going to give me the […]

Me or Not Me

!! This subject of how we are perceived/judged/stereo typed by different people in different ways is something I have thought about and considered for a long time. Below is an extract written by “Dave the Chimp”: which sums up my thoughts and perceptions on this topic to a ‘T’. What I was thinking about was […]

.01475 of a second

!! Experimenting with Sound is something I really enjoy. I find it very easy to eat away half a day just jamming but I always try to set myself small tasks. During a Jam session the other day I decided to try to make a kind of cohesive sound scape using only 3 copies of […]


!! !! I have fond memories of this town as a young tacka


!! Before !! After

The Nights are more Coloured than the Days

A friend came home from Sydney, so all us boys caught up for a crushing all day drinking session, 2pm – 3am. !! !! !! Daydream !! Devonport by night


!—0234.jpg! !—0150.jpg! !—0274.jpg! !! Those of you who know me well, know that I have a different perspective on life, somewhat abstract. As it happens something I enjoy working with in my favoured medium of photography is “depth of field”: which allows me to accentuate this perspective.


So I’m working backwards here from Today to Yesterday to Monday. I haven’t been very creative lately so tomorrow I’m going to give the canvas a lashing. !! About time!! I think this is the new ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’ !! About $9 too much. I can’t wait to get back to Japan […]

Rude, Lewd and Tattooed

What a mega long weekend. I got off to a cracking start on Thursday but ended up with a stomach bug (aka John’s home made whiskey hangover) that I couldn’t shake from Friday morning onwards, not surprisingly I didn’t let it hold me back though. !! I call them friends?! (aka Silent Bob take off) […]

More of that Unorthodox

!! “Hear It“:

By The Seaside

A nice chilled weekend spent eating nice meals, walking in the water, watching movies and playing with my new Canon IXUS 55 (not a bad little camera for a knock about, still would preferr a nikon coolpix S1 though). !! !! !! !! !! !! !! I’m slowly getting movement back in my ankle but […]