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More Aural Entertainment

Checked out I/OX + Ubique Trio last night at Ric’s Cafe in Brunswick St. in the Valley and was thoroughly entertained. With it being my first time to Ric’s I was unsure as to what to expect but was actually quite impressed with the venue. All performances were great but a particular high point was […]

Marbles, Rhani, Fence & Thomas

A free form improvised jam first thing after waking up still sitting in bed. Rhani Marbles.mp3 __________________________________

Little Man! 4

The first gig I’ve got along to since arriving in Brisbane 5 days ago. Little Man! 4, the 4th night in what I’m told has been an on going production of varied cinematic and sound nights was both diverse and tasteful. The venue itself supplied the audience with an array of visual stimuli to ponder […]


!! Gibbon St. Woolloomgabba, Brisbane

Love is in the Air

!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Brisbane is the New Black, I Love It!!!! Bagged a pair of authentic “Oakley Gascan’s”: today for $64. They feel a bit hot but oh well! !! 9 months old

Devonport to Brisbane in 98 hours

Leaving Devonport Tammy & Griffo – Brisbane _____________________________ Finally what I’ve been saying I’m going to do has been done!

Art Review

Have you ever looked at Art and thought ‘I don’t get it?’. You needn’t look any further, here we have art critics Richo and Trevelyan take you through the finer points of modern day contemporary art putting it into terms even a 5 year old could understand. Sit back and enjoy.


Time and time again I find doorways like this, sometimes I’m about to go through when I realise it’s bricked. Other times I find them but have no intentions of entering and sometimes I bash my way through anyway. Either way they’re there for a reason.

114 Velocity

Having a bit of a play with my new toy, the “Korg padKONTROL.”: A very nice midi controller with quite resonably sized velocity sensitive pads that you can really bash. It also has the neat little XY pad which works a treat. A track I made entirely playing live with the Korg padKONTROL working along […]

Unorthodox Art – Test 3

So I’ve been planning this one for a few weeks and finally got around to the day. Unfortunately it takes alot of Helium to lift even the smallest object off the ground. I did at one time have a much more reliable and large sauce of Helium but once they found out what it was […]

Flash Back '04

!! Once upon a time I was living in Japan and visited Tokyo for the second time during August 2004. I’m the kind of person that sees through the bright lights pretty quickly, so this time I spent a night sleeping in Harajuku park with the homeless. It was one of the most wonderous/scary/weird moments […]

Heads Up

Here I am getting ready for another public performance. This one shifts the focus from myself to the ‘ART’ object itself and has a beautiful ephemeral/unpredictable element to it. !! !! !! !! A clue; Keep your eyes skywards when in Devonport Sunday afternoon.

Silver Leaf Premiere

For the first time ever the cult classic short film from back in ’03 The Silver Leaf has been released. This remastered classic tells a tale of two misguided youth, searching for wealth and a fix with it all coming down to a bike race around the desolate city of Canberra. Just when things can’t […]

Wiggle It

!! A question I get asked pretty regularly is, ‘what kind of sound/music do you make?’ I say ‘Experimental’, they say ‘Can you dance to it?’ Over the last year I’ve probably produced 5 or so tracks that you could dance to given the right atmosphere and enough of the white powder. My general etho […]

Cross Lines 'Roads'

!! Alot of stuff to get sorted this week but have still managed to do bit of sound jamming. This one has a techno’ish edge which really comes from the midi sequencing of the field recordings. Bit of a rough lead up but I feel it really cranks from 5 mintues to the end. Check […]