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Hiromi Tango & her project – Raw Space Galleries

Due to the chaotic happenings over my side of town and my involvement I have not had the chance to get back to see Hiromi’s project in motion. It’s not to say that I wasn’t aware that I was missing out as the hours clocked by to it’s finish on the 25th of August (this […]

Messive 2

Sat 19th After another late night I surprisingly managed to surface quite early and get my but down to visible ink to get some serious making of our sound stuff for the tournament into progress. We hung out all day arranging what to put into the show bags which all the audience would receive, we […]


For those of you who have been living under a shell for the last few days, the “Straight Out Off Brisbane”: festival has been rock’n the house full force. There has been so many awesome gigs/exhibitions/work shops and just all round entertainment that’s it just not funny. I’ll run through my last week seeing though […]

Unorthodox Improv – Several Days Later

!! Anyway, if your in Brisbane and you don’t get your booty along to this you don’t cut the mustard (unless of course your reading this after the event) TOURNAMENT OF THE TOOLS at the Straight Out Of Brisbane Festival 2006 new media BATTLE: Sunday 20 August 5:00pm – 7:00pm, 610 Anne St. Fortitude Valley, […]

Days flow into minutes

I’ll have a bit of a write on here in the next few days, lots and lots of awesome news to tell. !!

Random Snaps #2

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'Cement Rubbings' – Release 1 in a 3 part series

!! !! ‘Cement Rubbings’ marks release one from the 3 release series titled ‘It can rain inside me sometimes’. 2 more limited run releases are due to be released in October and December of this year. This release is being implemented in conjunction with “www.half/”: and is available for purchase through their website or alternatively […]

From the inside looking out

Today I went to the “Raw Space”: window boxes (3 large separate glass viewing boxes) where Hiromi Tango is completing an amazing installation/performance/improv project. I actually went to the opening of Hiromi’s project nearly 2 weeks ago and was a little overwhelmed with the illustrious display of items. I left that night not being too […]

It was so much easier when I was 14

Life presents more challenges and profound decisions as we get older, I’m not sure if I like that, especially when I know what’s coming. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when my biggest concern was whether my best mates were going to be at school the next day or that someone […]

Where the hell have I been?

I started the transfer process of my domain hosting last Wednesday arvo. Unfortunately I didn’t know that the ‘2 calendar’ day process of transferring hosts would blow out to 5 calendar days! All I can say is don’t go near “Smarty Host”: cause they’re so hopeless. Enough bitching, last Wednesday night I was asked to […]


Tomorrow night (Wednesday) I’m doing a guest appearance (playing live and talking about my work) on Brisbane’s 4ZZZ radio show ‘Audio Pollen’ so if you get a chance tune in at 11pm on 102.1FM If I’m organised I might record the show and post it here.