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The beginning is the end is the beginning

My exhibit has inadvertidly pretty much finished due to some low life scum breaking in and taking my equipment. There is still 1 piece in the main gallery but the main piece has been shut down. Here is a review of my piece ‘Amid Expanse’ by Triple J >Written Interview – Audio Interview

RAW Space Galleries Exhibition 'You Are Here' NOW OPEN

Tom Hall – Amid Expanse ::As published in the catalogue::Space is something most people think of as rigid but when reminded of our position in the universe and our rotating earth they soon realise that space is never still. Space combined with time (psychological and physical) creates moments of extreme fluidity within our lives, with […]

Casio Yo

Some recordings from my recent Jams with Insilico Jam Session.mp3 Live Extract.mp3

guaranteed raw

Bringing you surveillance from the Burbs in my war against Terrorism.

The Goat Collective – Fortitude Rising Festival, Brisbane

!! A couple of tracks from The Goat Collective’s highly successful debut at The Fortitude Rising Festival. After no short 0f 10 requests to turn the volume down we managed to get in a solid performance of what one could only call Noise’. It was of the funnest Jams I’ve had! The Goat Collective Full […]

Live Processing

Well my album is finished and it’s been sent to the factory. More details, announcements and Official Release dates soon! In the mean time I’ve been working on my live show a bit more and collaborating with a few different people. One of those people is Dan Lewis (see previous posts). Check out this track […]