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An extract from a live recording

A nice little 8 minute extract from a live jam Dan Lewis and Myself had the other day. Worth the listen! Our equipment consists of using Guitar, Laptop (live looping and processing) and 1980’s Casio CA-110 Keyboard affectionately known as ‘Jonesy’. Listen to TOM HALL & DAN LEWIS LIVE.mp3

Spokey Dokes

We all remember those wonderful little noise generators invented in the 80’s (possible the 70’s post playing card taped to the frame) of the Spokey Dokes. Have a listen to this recording: Spokey Doke.mp3


New content in the VIDEO section of my web site. :: CHECK IT OUT! ::

DAT – Dan Lewis & Tom Hall Live

Dan and Myself played a 35 minute set at The Forest Cafe last night. I felt it went pretty good with some really nice moments of clarity and some other great over driven distortion parts. Dan was on Guitar and I was live looping and processing Dan’s guitar on Laptop. ::Download .mp3 of the set::

Someone Good Records

Just finished building this web site for Lawrence English at Room40 . It’s his new venture Someone Good, a record label dedicated to releasing avant-pop in all its guises and forms. check out the site and if anyone wants me to build them one send me an email!