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Played in The Blue Mountains on Friday night in an area called Medlow Bath. The place I played at is called AKEMI and is a group share house that was once a fish’n’chip shop that they’ve converted into a rehearsal/performance space. I was chauffeured to the mountains by my good friend Jen Teo from “Plum […]

Tour of 'Fluere'

Things are going well on the tour with most performances sounding good and relatively well received by audiences. My solo piece Fluere came off well at THE MAKE IT UP CLUB in Melbourne. I also invited my good friends Sam Karmel and Tarquin Manek to join me on stage at the MIUC and we managed […]


Time is currently flying by, with a list the length of my arm of things to do I sometimes wonder how I will finish everything in time. Somehow I always manage.. This is a small part of the visual representation of a presentation I will do at the Queensland State library when I get back […]

a sneak preview of a new track 'MELODIUS CUT'

Melodius Cut is based on a series of recordings that will form a new album out late Sept. 07 in time for OPEN FRAME >>>>>>>>>Listen/Download it HERE< <<<<<<<<<< Enjoy!