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Recent Reviews – from Vital Weekly

TOM HALL – FLUERE (CD by Nightrider Records) Australia, I’m sure I noted this before, is from the outside a very vibrant country when it comes to experimental. Here is one Tom Hall, of whom we never heard before, but who got his CD sponsored by the Australian Government, mainly because he does something that […]

new visuals

some stuff I’m working on as Floats continues… …..also more progress made with the moving…pics of the new pad soon.


I’ll be a bit out of touch with everyone in the coming week as I am moving house. Sian and myself going from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house with kitchen, library, lounge, patio and 2 car garage. We are also adopting a new house mate in our good friend Dan Lewis. […]

Floats – Official Release

Letting you all know that my album ‘Floats’ is now officially release. It was released in conjunction with my performance at OPEN FRAME (see details below). Floats represents months of investigative practice in to processing live sound sources in a dynamic and fluid nature. The idea is to create melodic ephemeral moments that expand on […]