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Tomorrow I’m off to Perth where I wil partake in a residency as part of The Perth International Arts Festival. Plenty will be happening including Live Performances, Workshops and More. First thing I will be presenting a live performance tomorrow night in Perth and then will be live on ABC radio the following morning. Be […]


Found some great reviews of my album Fluere from early last year. CLICK HERE TO: Read Gaz-Eta Review CLICK HERE TO: Read Foxy Digitalis Review

Micro Mono

A wonderful weekend has just passed me buy. Saturday proved to be a very productive day for writting completing a number of tasks on my ‘to do’ list. The evening was much anticipated with Lawrence English’s event Micro Mono forthcoming with a very strong line up of at the IMA. The Line-up included; • Lawrence […]

My First Circuit

I have had an interest in Physical Computing for a while now and have finally got a chance to start playing with it. I can see a way that it can be incorporated in a cohesive manner with my work to allow it to develop and grow, whilst keeping things interesting and feeding my relentless […]

more art less work

Checked out the Andy Warhol exhibition on Saturday at GOMA, nothing short of awesome. The guy was certainly onto a revolution.. Sian & I, taken in the Andy Warhol Photobooth, GOMA

'Euphonic Feed' Preliminary Investigation

As mentioned in the previous post I have received funding to produce a collaborative album with Lawrence English. The project is based around the re-synthesis of materials gathered from the live processing of instruments and found sound. These recordings will then form the basis of our pallet from which to work and will be used […]

in the pipeline

Into the new year with gusto, any kind of break was short lived. On my list is; ● Working at the Big Day Out (I get to see Björk) ● Album launch late January on Canberra label HellosQuare ● A residency at The Perth International Arts Festival that will see the creation of a curriculum […]