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:: Album Release :: >> Tom Hall – Cross

“Manipulated and processed sounds (keyboard, wind-up watch, dulcimer, cymbal, guitar, piano, field recordings) that become a warm, amorphous ambient electronica shimmer. (Gayle Brogan – Boa Melody Bar)” “Definitive yet playful, ‘Cross’ merges interests with the outside, with the inside and throws in a dab of improv for good measure.” (hellosQuare) ………………………………………………… Announcing the official release […]

Spectrum – Perth

Had a great gig at Spectrum Project Space last Monday – my last before leaving WA. It was a small but appreciative crowd and a real pleasure to present my new set for ’08. Over the coming month I intend to develop this further with the main essence being its combination of field recordings and […]

Nearly Done

Just finished my residency with the Perth International Art Festival, AMAZING doesn’t even sum it up. I’m back in Perth now from the south coast having played a number of live performances over the weekend and have 1 more to go tonight in Perth before I leave on Wednesday. Will speak more about PIAF in […]

Aesthetic Coast

Had an amazing visit to a wind farm nearby Albany were I’m currently completing sound workshops as part of PIAF. These structures provided one of the most mesmerising experiences I’ve ever had, I felt it was to do with a combination of the surrounds that they inhabit with their monstrous size combined with their intricate […]


The view from my accomadation in Albany, Western Australia. click the image

Perth, WA

Over in Perth, Western Australia and Albany, South Western Australia for the next few weeks as part of The Perth International Art Festival. The environment reminds me much of Tasmania although it’s probably a little drier and warmer. There is next to no humidity which is a nice change to Brisbane. Here are a few […]