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I'm Back….

Some recent still (from video) I’ve been working on for a major upcoming event…. stay tuned for the announcement. So I’m back from Japan, wow it seemed to take me forever to readjust back to Brisbane (considering I was only away for a month or so) and that in combination with a few lifestyle changes, […]

Recent Article

A recent article in Tasmanian newspaper The Advocate (my home state). click THUMBNAIL to read the story

last post 4 Japan

Back to Oz soon so this will be my last post from Japan. What an event filled trip this has been, some good, some bad and some unbelievable. Have spent the past three days rolling with friends in Kyoto and Osaka, having some of the best times this trip. I recently picked up one of […]

Kool Times

I’m in Osaka for the next week before I head back to Oz, have been doing as much recording and photography as possible. Have been investigating some new ideas and completing some explorations into some cross disciplined works that may come to light in the future. KOOL cigarettes Night Styles – one of many from […]