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As logged to Last.Fm direct from my iTunes ( ) 1. – Boris – Smile (japan version)** 2. – Tim Hecker – Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again 3. – The Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist 4. – Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles 5. – Fuck Buttons – Street Horrrsing*** 6. – Torche – […]

It really does!

I got one for Christmas… it was returned the following day AND this one blew up about 6 months ago…… we don’t miss T.V. at all! ……………………………………………………….. my parents have been visiting.. they leave tomorrow and it’s back to reality for me.

Merry Christmas #2

Well everyone I didn’t catch Santa last night… after 28 years of trying I must say he is SUPER elusive! As it’s time to be giving out presents I thought I’d leave a little something on here for those that drop by regularly to check out what I am up too. It’s a selection of […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone & Happy New Year!!


Where has the week gone? It’s been 7 days since I last posted here… I’ve finished my solo album for French label BASKARU now I just have to sit tight and wait for its release. Ala, I’ve begun working straight away on a new album stemming from areas I’ve been meaning to explore further for […]

The Birth of AxxOnn

If you haven’t already realised this week, I’ve debuted a new project with Ian Rogers (No Anchor). It’s not exactly a new collab as Ian and I have been working together since August, but it’s not been to recently that we both felt it was time to let it see light. • We’ve kicked it […]

Sonic Boom #1

Sonic Boom #1 aXXoNN Debut Abe Sada (Perth) Dan Lewis ________________________________

Off the road

Got back to Brisbane yesterday afternoon from a small but busy jaunt down south involving a couple of performances in Melbourne, 1 in Hobart and also a major exhibition opening. Some recent attention TANGENTIAL UPRISE has received (click image to read on) or CLICK HERE ________________________________