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Perth and beyond

In Melbourne now….had some good shows in Perth over the weekend with reasonably good attendances. I have a few shows here in Melbourne, then down to Tasmania to my parents place for some rest and then back home to Brisbane, March 3rd and into some hectic preparations for a major sound based show called ‘Big […]

Safety in Numbers

Spent a solid amount of yesterday working with Albany’s (Western Australia) ‘Safety in Numbers’ choir. I really willing and interesting group. We went to some old dis-used WW2 fuel tanks and spent a number of hours inside singing, creating harmonies and improvising with various materials in a percussive type manner. I was thrilled with how […]

Western Australia

I’m over in Western Australia for the next few weeks working on some sound based artworks to be displayed at The Perth International Arts Festival. Down in Albany on the most south western tip of Australia doing a ton of recording. So far got some amazing Bee recordings and have also played around a bunch […]


I hit Perth yesterday. It’s so nice over here and I’m looking forward to getting into some field recording for my contribution to the festival ( Was hanging out with Chris Watson ( last night, a renowned sound artist from the UK who also has work in the festival. Amazing guy and really insightful… Will […]