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twice in 2 days

Wow I think it must have been years since I’ve posted on my blog twice in two days. Anyway I would say the reason is I’m pretty into some of the new configuring and setups I’m working at the moment for my live solo a/v works, I’m also using this methodology in the studio which […]

Work in Progress – Next Wave, Time Lapse

I have been battened down in the studio working ferociously on my next piece of work, ‘Subtle Disparity’. This work continues on from past areas of interest, that being peripheral space of various forms, shapes, sizes and natures. Below is a collection of short clips that represent an interesting processing formula I have developed where […]


So I’ve been neglecting this blog a little lately, but that’s not a bad thing. The reason I’ve not been around is a whole bunch of stuff is happening. All of which I will share on here at a more appropriate time. Things to checkout include: • My major project, Left of Left, at The […]

It’s May already 1/3 of the year down and I feel like it’s not a day past new years. Currently in Perth having been on tour since April 2nd with 12 days in Japan, 3 back in Brisbane and then straight on the TRIAD improv Australian tour. Currently busy a busy schedule of work for […]

Playing Sydney

Playing at Dont Look Gallery, tomor night w/ Seaworthy (12K) and TRIAD (Hobart).