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A day at the beach – Ravenna, Italy

I spent my first full day at the beach here in Italy, my hosts and promoters are amazing, taking us to the best Italian places to wine, dine and relax – the perfect recovery between shows. The crew, Ian, Silvia, Riccardo One of the best burgers I ever had, right on the beach in Ravenna, […]

Smallest Snippet Ever

Ian took this little clip while I was playing my first solo here in Lugo, Italy

1st Day in Italy

waiting at Bologna Station, headed for Lugo – my first show in Italy that night. The venue, it was small but had a perfect vibe Big Dog in action aka AMBROSE CHAPEL The amazing face behind Presto!? records – Lorenzo Senni (very good fun!) Lorenzo and Riccardo in action = very nice sounds! Me solo… […]

Thanks Glasgow

Off to Italy tomorrow morning…. SUPER BIG thanks to Jodi, Michelle and Neil for making Glasgow, AWESOME!!

Epic Mother Photo Update

AXXONN @ Catch22 London Me Solo @ Cafe Oto Ian – Wasted Birmingham Church Bangers before Supersonic Festival Cheese Pie One of my favorite things on tour – cheaps coffee in a styrofoam cup – even better when at a noise festival This love heart drawn on our hands with Nikko with ‘SS’ written inside […]

Flat today…..

….but I’m looking forward to my debut (London) solo @ Cafe Oto …………………………………………………………………………………… AXXONN action from Tuesday night (our debut London show) AXXONN Live @ The Goodship, London UK from Tom Hall on Vimeo.

London Calling…

Back in London now for 2 AXXONN shows and I have a solo at Cafe Oto Ian often pulls the old “I’m reading the paper and not associated with this guy…” move. I really dig London’s grungy vibe, Kilburn has it covered x10 Yep that’s the line-up The Goodship = Cool Venue & Smashingly BIG […]

What I really love…

What I really love about touring is the ability to play night after night. Fortunately between my solos and the glorious amount of AXXONN shows I’m pretty much playing every night for 7 weeks. After just 4 AXXONN shows in 5 nights the development of our set is really taking shape, I’m pleasantly surprised with […]

The Hacienda – Manchester

I am a BIG Joy Division/New Order fan so a trip to the once Hacienda one of the UK’s most famous clubs ever, unfortunately it’s skeleton of it’s former self, I could still feel the vibes. I made Ian pose for some shots, he wasn’t feeling the vibes We were ready to party (only 15 […]

Image movement….

AXXONN Live @ The Corner, Manchester UK from Tom Hall on Vimeo.

Manchester Unites….AXXONN Delights

Tonight was the funnest AXXONN set for me thus far. We played with some amazing acts (all have been great so far) who really rocked tonight. Unofficial tour sponsor It’s true… The Corner, our Manchester venue Dinner (Me) Dinner (Ian) Brutal Crutch and Breasts and Ian Manchester

Manchester bound…

Free wifi on buses here really helps the miles fly by. Ian’s learning alot about me, whether he likes it or not 😉

Bye Brighton, We'll Miss You!!

Said goodbye to Brighton early this morning and jumped on the train bound for Bristol (home of Banksy). Brighton treated me/us/AXXONN well. I had a goodtime hanging with Jeff (our promoter) and his friends, a good solo and a solid inaugural UK AXXONN set last night. The support acts, The Vainglories and Power Up were […]

1 Down, 24 to Go!

Had my first solo gig last night. It went down well, sold some CD’s and the promoter was happy. I’m really looking forward to refining it more throughout the course of this tour. Brighton really is spectacular. …more of the famous Pier. This is my UK replacement for Egg Nog, it’s delicous. Well it does […]

First UK gig tonight!

I have my first (ever) UK gig tonight, really itching to get into it. Here some more pics from my walk around Brighton yesterday.

Is it too early to call?

So I’ve been in the UK now for 36 hours and feel fine, I think I might have avoided jet lag?!! I hope. Through the use of my caffeine addition I’ve been able to stay awake at the right times and asleep when everyone else is. I head to Brighton tomor. in preparation for my […]

1st day in London

Not too much to report but have had a pretty fun intro to London life through the eyes of good friend Jerome who’s kindly putting me up for a few days. Hanging on the same street OASIS shot there album cover (What’s the story) morning glory? It did bring a smile to my face… Obligatory […]