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Home Sweet Home — kinda

Well I’m on the train headed to Stansted Airport to begin my journey back home. I really have mixed feelings I must be honest. I’ve enjoyed playing alot the last 7 weeks and have met some amazingly friendly people and also caught up with alot of old friends, it’s been action packed and feels to […]


Ok so I’m back in London now as mentioned in the last post but I just want to recap on Rotterdam. …………………………………….. I spent a lot of time in the studio in Rotterdam, in excess of 60 hours in 6 days and two of those day were only 6 hours. I completed two tracks and […]

Rotterdam to London via Nottingham

Back in London now for a few days with only one place left to go and that’s home to Brisbane. We (Ian and I) had a tormenting trip from Rotterdam to Nottingham on Monday, equating to about 15 bus/train changes and comical amount of missed ones and loss of fares and a total travel tim […]


So I’ve taken the leap that I couldn’t do so many years ago and have committed to learning Max/Msp/Jitter. I was first introduced to it when studying in Japan way back in 2004 – as I was thrown in the deep end of audio there, it was a little hard to get my head around […]

36 in 3

I’ve been in Rotterdam a few days now but all I see is the WORM studio, I’m not complaining this is a studio to die for, especially when you’re a synth nut like myself. I’ve done over 36 hours in 3 days now. So for the first two days I just went nuts sampling/playing/patching and […]

Frankfurst to Amsterdam to Rotterdam – Damn!

OK so the last 4/5 days have been pretty crazy/fun/unforgettable/forgettable, Frankfurt felt like a drug crazed sex city, it’s got a gruesome red light district smack in the middle of the city (first street you come to after leaving the central station) that seems to be a magnet for the junkies…..really it was a bit […]

Berlin to Hamburg to Frankfurt in a Heart Beat

Wow I just woke up after a massive sleep stint, something like 8am Wednesday I woke and didn’t get to sleep until 11pm last night (Thursday). This really is the epic days tour. In that time I went from: — BERLIN to HAMBURG by bus — — played a show in HAMBURG (Wed. night) — […]

Berlin Dayzzzz

Just been cruising around Berlin the last few days…we played on Friday night, it was OK. AXXONN got asked to turn down which was hard to take after Italy where we were asked to turn it up. All you can eat German breakfast Me & Christian (my German host)

Germany – First Day…

Centre of Town Freak’n Australian Tourists… I was in love this building, old but modern, beautiful but brutal still in love with it… Lion Slayer….yeah < div>Still digging that building (I have about a million more photos of it too) Geezers in Berlin Couple of Party Boyz …more Geezers Tough Once was a wall…. ‘CHANGE’ […]

Final Days in Italy

Just got to Berlin a day ago….here’s a recap of the final days in Italy (i miss you!) The last thing I laid my eyes on in Italy – a pizza making vending machine (I thought nothing could top the hot fish’n’chips vending machine I once saw in Japan) Racing down the highway at warp […]

So many memories/photos not enough time

I’m not going to apologise for this incredibly long update but I’ve been offline for a few days (the longest time in years) and I want to share all of these amazing areas I’ve been and experienced. I know if I don’t they’ll be lost to my data back-up setup when I get home and […]