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2 1/2 days let in Brisbane for 2009

Just packing up everything right now, heading down to The Zoo tonight for AXXONN’s last Brisbane show for 2009, I feel pretty good about this one. Friday night is “Bastard of Epic Days” Here is the backline (no joke) < > Saturday I wash my car, take it to my friends place, have dinner with […]

Reporting In…

Well I don’t seem to have much to write about…it’s kind of a lie but at the same time it feels like I’d just be going over much of the same. So here’s a quick run down: • I’ve started BETA testing Max4Live.• Been making some great noise devices/contact mics• Really enjoying designing my very […]

A little studio testing…

This is by no means finished, in fact it may never be but then again, who wants to finish? (the development of the software that is, ‘the patch’) Here is the beginnings of a Jitter Patch I’ve made. Using amplitude to control clip fading between 4 video channels and synced changes.

Tape Loops + FX

I’ve been wanting to make some looping cassettes for a long time now and it just randomly came to me that they could also be used as an FX processor. Looking for new ways to effect my sound as I’m working on my current album I remembered the Tape Loop and decided to make one, […]

OK, now that's Better

Yes things have gotten back to some normality, it’s taken a solid 5 days to get over the rough patch of the jet lag but it’s still lingering, I have to admit I wasn’t expecting it to be as rough as it was. Throughout the lag though I’ve still been working hard on a bunch […]

Back in Briz

Got back to Brisbane the other yesterday night morning, I’m not really sure even what day it is…suffwering from jet lag quite a bit today…can/t even write or speell…// more in a day or two