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Ocean Beach, SF

Ocean Beach, SF, originally uploaded by Tom Hall.

San Francisco

Things I’m enjoying about San Francisco: • Cult Bands Playing in Town • Cheap Electronics • Fun/Exciting Noise Shows • Bernie’s (coffee shop) • 24th Street • The Mission Things I’m not enjoying (these are all minor and in no way are they really bothering me): • My sporadic sleeping patterns (no normality at all […]

San Francisco/Oakland

Free-ways On the way to my first US show, fittingly a DIY Noise show, the perfect place to start!!

1st Day in SF

Alcatraz Golden Gate Bridge F’ing Massive – Bring on Halloween SF Bird? 😉 Fort Mason


Just arrived in LA, waiting to catch my connecting flight to San Fran, the 20hr flight over was surprisingly easy.

Last Night in Oz

Just hanging in Sydney, recovering from Electrofringe before flying to San Francisco, USA tomor. evening (Wed.)


Left Brisbane a few days ago, great show in Hobart for ‘Black Sunday’ then a really amazing day just chilln out at my parents in Devonport, Tasmania. Great shows in Melbourne, the last for AXXONN in 2009, big things for the duo next year. Devonport Blu ‘the man’ M ‘the lady’ In Newcastle now for […]