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Some cool news, AXXONN just scored the support for ISIS (post-rock metal band from L.A.) at Brisbane’s HiFi Bar on February 18th. But before that we have our awesome cassette launch at The Step Inn on February 13th. To be honest at first (maybe 12months ago) I was snubbing the cassettes return but after acquiring […]

Install Plans – The Past Will Betray

click to see images large Simple in nature, in regards to the set up but complex in the programming, will post some of the patches as they come together.

My Band

click the image to hear AXXONN


…of my best mates in the World.


One of my fav. photos for 2009… pic credit: JZ

LA River

I miss the river… pic credit: JZ

Dance/Video Sketch

Collab with Los Angeles artist Janeva Zentz Still in sketch stages


Karen O completely shredded me into 2010, was pleasantly surprised by the YEAH YEAH YEAHs last night.

Come Drive…

…with me and AC/DC on this fine Tasmanian morning, the first of the new decade.