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My other project….

…..AXXONN is busy. Here is the latest single ‘Let’s Get It Straight’ from the forthcoming album Let’s Get It Straight by AXXONN Here is a video teaser clip for the single


Down in Tasmania, the sun is out but the weather is COLD


For my Dad. Night Day ∆ Click Images to see Full Resolution ∆


It’s the first HOT day in Brisbane ‘post’ winter. I can almost taste the salt water in my mouth….

2253rd Post and we have a birthday

This blog is 5-years old (well a little more technically with the first post) but that will do. And this the 2253rd post which leaves me with a posting average of 1.23 posts per day for the past 5-years. I myself can’t believe that but I did used to post to it multiple times day. […]


The big news this week AXXONN signed to Brisbane based label USELESS ART RECORDS Read about it HERE and HERE

check it out

my other project AXXONN is getting quite some momentum

White Bears Of Norway

Last night was speant shooting the WHITE BEARS OF NORWAY‘s first film clip for a track from their forthcoming album. Here’s a few stills taken from the footage