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Blu #1

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Yesterday my Dad and I went to Paradise


I released a solo album earlier this year, it was a solid 2-years in the making and marked the end of a specific line of sonic exploration. There is a new album solidly in the pipe and a new label too to surface some time in 2011. In the mean time check out the review […]


My first Piñata and so much fun!


Family & Friends, Booze, Bats & Beach – couldn’t have had a better Christmas!

Full Load

Some pics of my faithful ute from our recent trip down from Brisbane to Tasmania {pics in Coffs Harbour and Canberra}. With a fading water pump and 400+kg in the back I was seriously impressed that for the entire 2000kms it averaged 10.4l/100km for the whole trip, not back for a 17yr old Holden V8. […]


Mercy Killings – part and parcel of living on a farm. {click image to see large – great detail}

TRON {old skool}

I watched the old TRON last night, what an awesome film especially considering it was made in 1982, the animation and graphics where beyond cutting edge at the time. To follow, we’re off to see TRON LEGACY tonight, can’t wait!!


Advance Australia

canberra I think I was spinning J some story about a lochness monster or something…. …all better.


{click to see LARGE} Devonport 6:03am December 16th, 2010 It’s good to be home, after travelling about 2000km in fours days with it mostly being hot and without air conditioning it was followed up with a terrible boat road from Melbourne to Devonport (my home town) Tasmania. The boat was terrible because A.) I didn’t […]


Magical driving, that’s what it’s been, clear highways, no flooding and insane fuel economy (10.4l/100km) First Day – Brisbane to Port Macquarie Second Day – Port Macquarie to Canberra Tomorrow – Galleries in CBR + CBR to Albury drive


It’s been a brutal week, Brisbane has been stinky, sticky & stuffy and we’ve been packing. Then shit got stressful when we realised we had too much stuff and had to look at freighting some gear back to Tasmania, luckily my sister has some great connections and hooked us up real good. Tonight is our […]

Garage Sale

My first ever garage sale was/is today – currently blogging direct from the ‘garage’. I’m going to go out there and declare it a success with in-excess of 150 people through in the morning and a lot of sales. The bad thing is naming a price and trying not to be precious when the figure […]


It’s generally something I’m not too fond of, in terms of ‘household’ moving, given that I do move around the country/globe quite frequently. But on this account I’m finding moving incredibly refreshing, taking stock of what I have, off loading stuff I don’t need and looking forward to rebuilding a home keeping in mind things […]