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The Great Ocean Road

I didn’t remember ticking the ‘bad colour’ box when hiring this car over the internet, seems someone else did too. the tail end of the Great Ocean Road headed back to Geelong What an amazing experience, since I first started photography some 15 years ago i had always wanted to visit the Great Ocean Road/12 […]


Coffee @ the COIN LAUNDRY, Melbourne J is back in LA settling in a prepping stuff for our wedding in May, I out and about on a final tour before leaving Australia and getting a supper heavy dose of Vegemite into me.


Really this is the first time I’ve ever seen them in the wild and there was alot of them. {click to see LARGE} {click to see LARGE}


We fly into Brisbane today, it’s seems like we’ll be flying into an apocalypse.


Is speeding by….slow down please!

Suzuki TC100 1973

As a kid/teenager I had so many good times on this bike, funnily enough I’m still having them. It hadn’t been started for 10years, a little petrol and first kick it was away, amazing!


Every mid 80’s childs dream {from left-to-right} She-Ra’s Crystal Castle, Skeletors Snake Mountain & He-Mans Castle Grey Skull