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Mötley Crüe

“you know you go into a strip club and nobodies bummed out, it’s the closest thing to rock’n’roll”


It’s so hot here right now, probably the hotest/humid weather I’ve been in since Japan circa2004

Last Leg

A few days rest and back to the airport. The next few days go something like DEV>MELB>PERTH>MELB>DEV Playing 3 shows in 4 nights, two in Perth and one in Melbourne, these be be the last for sometime.


Folks I’m currently changing servers. I’ll be back with full blog (+6 years worth of archives) very shortly.

New Album[s]

Currently getting to the gritty side of teasing out a few Tom Hall album[s]. It’s almost been twelve months since I last released anything and whilst all eyes have been on the other project ‘AXXONN‘ I can say there has been quite a bit of writing happening in the back ground. Anyway plenty of culling […]

Dog Fight

but really they love each other.

Telephone Microphone

I always wondered how they made that ‘telephone’ style voice on pop songs. I thought it was a complex mix of Equalising and Reverb. Never thought it was just a telephone?! whipped this up this morning

Rainbow Serpent Festival

I recently played the famous Rainbow Serpent Festival, it was a great time and nice trip out to the country side of Victoria. Janeva joined me and we turned it into an epic road trip. SEE MORE IMAGES FROM Janeva’s BLOG HERE