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Beach Time

The water was a touch cold so no swimming, but we’re close. It’s always so grounding to hang by the ocean.


Super Rad Times

Working an an A/V piece for the Surfers Paradise Festival | Origination. So good to be back in the studio and getting gear pulsing…

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

This bridge has fascinated me ever since I saw it in the opening of Full House back in the day. I first road my bike across it in 2009 but I always wanted to do the ride again with my Dad, today we nailed it!! Great times, priceless memories!! Location:Jefferson St,San Francisco,United States

So Hipster it Hurts

My new vintage Amtrac cap Location:Harrison St,San Francisco,United States

Great Giants

Location:Beach St,San Francisco,United States

San Francisco

I’m back… Location:Mason St,San Francisco,United States


So good to be in the studio and working on projects, it been a long break. Red hot tubes look great

Back to Reality

Janeva and I have been married a week, back in LA from Part1 of our honeymoon, Part2 coming later this year/or next when my VISA is sorted. Here’s a little flash back to last weekend. This is by far my favourite image ‘thus far’. [we will receive the official photographs in a few months].

the Hoover Dam

Nothing short of awesome, now that’s a construction! Location:Las Vegas Blvd S,Las Vegas,United States

Kaibab Trail

This morning J and I hiked about 1/3 into the Grand Canyon on the Kaibab trail, it was so amazing to be inside it and not just looking from above. YouTube Video Location:S Entrance Rd,GRAND CANYON,United States

The ‘Grandest’ Canyon

Today we spent a solid 6hrs exploring the west rim of the Grand Canyon. I definitely know why it’s called ‘Grand’ now. The place is absolutely jaw dropping, nothing I’ve ever seen compares. Location:E Rim Dr,GRAND CANYON,United States

Snow #3

YouTube Video Location:GRAND CANYON,United States

Snow #2

So perfect, breakfast in bed watching the snow. YouTube Video Location:Arizona 64,GRAND CANYON,United States


YouTube Video Location:Arizona 64,GRAND CANYON,United States


I’ve never seen landscapes like this, absolutely breathtaking. Can’t wait to see the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Currently it’s 10:41pm and 0c. Location:Tusayan,United States

The Beginning

Location:Ocean Ave,Santa Monica,United States

Dreams Come True

Tomorrow I’m getting married to my dream girl, I never thought I would meet someone like Janeva, she’s my best friend, partner, lover, critic and soon wife. I look forward to the future as we take on the World together, probably don’t get in our way, we’re determined! I will do all this and more […]