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Sluggish Day

Location:El Cerrito Pl,Los Angeles,United States


Awesome Day Location:Willow Brook Ave,Los Angeles,United States


Insane fathers day specials, grabbed myself this 200w/15″/combo bass as for just $169 – the best this, it was made just down the road from me. It’s seriously loud, yes!

‘Origination’ – Surfer’s Paradise, Australia

This weekend ONLY – you can check out a bunch of new video works I’ve recently completed being projected all over building as part of the SURFER’S PARADISE FESTIVAL I wish I could be there to see it!!

Great Noise

Played a really cool DIY noise/warehouse gig last Sat. night. TMH live


2 copies (3 in total) of ultra-ltd cassette release for this w/ends gig. Cassette Only. 1 live composition per side, never heard before.

Work Spaces

#1 #2 Location:Santa Monica Blvd,Los Angeles,United States

Driving Barbara

Location:N Milpas St,Santa Barbara,United States


Not sure I’ll ever get used to peak hour traffic… The only way to combat it is GOOD tunes… ….and… Harvey Milk do the job nicely, perfect freeway 101 tunes! Also not sure I’ll get used to randomly seeing the sign.