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Super show for this Sat. night, complete new audio & visual setup/rig Details

Melting Mind & Ears

I can’t think of the last time I completely redesigned how I play live from the ground up, it’s incredibly invigorating AND a little nerve racking. I thought it was time, new home/country, new life and a new album so why not?! Been in a heavy period of Max/Msp/Jitter programming with some really fun results […]

Now that’s some serious Clipping

*click image*   Click below to hear it…. [audio:|titles=brutal]


Here’s a new FX Max For Live device I made this afternoon, been meaning to make this for a while. It’s inspired by the famous BOSS Feedbacker pedal.   Here’s my device Download Here

Realistic Mixer 4ch

30yrs old, 1/5 the price and brand new. I like this mixer alot, it’s super small and lightweight, nice sliders and powers off 1 9v battery for a long time, perfect for touring. Why were ‘household’ audio electronics in the early 80s so awesome?

Palm Springs #2

It gets really HOT in PS 110f+ Try and take this! We’re going to go back soon, so much fun, best pool ever!

Palm Springs

We’re staying at the Palm Springs Tennis Club, same place the likes of Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and Dean Martin have stayed.


The release date is set for my upcoming album MUTED ANGELS, that being AUGUST 24th on COMPLICATED DANCE STEPS However, for a select few (20) there will be a chance to get in on the action long before then, THIS WEDNESDAY 9am (PDT) a MEGA MUTED ANGELS DLX PACK will go on sale for just $20USD […]

Ltd Prints

Details soon with Dlx Cassette