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Time To Think

So it’s been a week now since my album came out, MUTED ANGELS Janeva (my wife) has been playing it a bit in her car and occasionally I’ve jumped in it and rather than change to something else I’ve let it go, it’s been really great to cruise down Los Angeles’s endless free-ways, watching as […]

Muted Angels – Out Today

My album is officially out today…. Here’s a brand new video clip for you also out today

Last Sleep….

tomorrow my album MUTED ANGELS flys the coop. I’m super proud of this release, I guided this all by myself from start to finish and it’s rock solid. I’ve listened to it so many times it almost hurts but I still wouldn’t change a thing, just aswell, it’s out tomorrow, I really hope you dig […]


Swim now, or later #firstworldproblems Location:W Baristo Rd,Palm Springs,United States

The CD is not dead (yet)!

Last week I got a call with a great opportunity for my new album MUTED ANGELS, coming out August 24th (next Wednesday). The only requirement was that for the album to be part of this opportunity they needed 8 copies on CD. I was actually pretty happy for MUTED ANGELS to be a cassette (on […]

Power Of The Riff

I DJed at this yesterday, it was as every bit amazing as you’d expect. Loving LA, especially getting out and meeting new like minded people…


Really in making mood lately….


Basically I’m granulating a buffer of audio, allowing arbitrary traversal through the buffer and a full complement of granulation parameters, such as grain rate, grain duration, input and output time randomization, and grain transposition. I’m throughly impressed with the ‘depth’ the DEMONATOR can produce, things get really interesting when transposing. I particularly love the additional movement and the […]


1s lonely, 2s company


Just got the batch of black on white t-shirts, the half tone print looks awesome. Currently they’re only available with the few ramaining DLX PACKS SEE HERE    

2 Addictions

Coffee & Clif Bars My other addition, Burritos! Location:W Sunset Blvd,Los Angeles,United States