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Face Tracking Tools – Custom MSP Pactch

This is my first go with FaceOSC and OSCulator   But I wanted more control of extreme face movement, being able to really sweep through an FX range or something else. I wanted to be able to dial in a very specific setting so a subtle eye tweak could result in a massive audio change […]

Face Recognition

Now I know what the appeal is of all those girls taking pics of themselves in their webcams 😉 more soon….

Buffer Step

  A little buffer~/groove~ playback device I whipped up this morning. Allows a ‘step-sequencer’ like controller of playback speed/pitch and another sequencer for modulating the start point of the groove~ playback.   Sounds like this (live studio recording)[audio:|titles=STE-005] Download Buff Step Download Free Max/Msp Runtime (this allows you to run the patch I made above […]


MUTED ANGELS review “successfully compresses the coexistent feelings of freedom and confinement contained in a thousand freeway commutes”


…up some mad synth drone.


About to add in a routing section to allow low-end frequencies to pass through clean, 127Hz and down. Making for a nice solid base/bass 😉 – inspiration comes from Tym Guitars Big Bottom. This patch is really getting interesting. Basically it mean only the frequencies above the the amount of bass I dial in to […]

LA Cricket

Recording taken between two rubbish bins HERE. You can hear the hum of the Route101 Freeway in background. Listen[audio:|titles=Cticket_LA]

Album Launch @ Vacation Vinyl

A beautiful video a guy called Alex made about my album launch a few weeks ago. After you’ve watched this checkout his other videos, he’s got some pretty tidy camera work.

Four’N Twenty = Best Birthday Ever!!

I’ve been missing these guys hardcore, I have a hefty supply of Vegemite and had a good supply of Milo too until recently, but the old Meat Pie was sadly missing, there’s been many time in the past 5-months when i really wanted one of these little pastry delights. Some how Janeva, my amazing wife, […]

review: Muted Angels

Read Full Zen Effects Review Here “Sometimes it even seems like the tape itself is going to explode into a psychedelic burst of color from all the light and energy contained within the music”.  

Highland Park

Played a gig last night in Highland Park. Great fun, the area felt like a little bit of a time warp, the street was littered with old Hudson Club Coups, Corvette Stingrays and early Pontiac Trans-Ams – awesome!

CA capital

Location:K St,Sacramento,United States


Stereophonic in Sacramento Location:20th St,Sacramento,United States

Road Trip

Location:Golden State Fwy,,United States