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We can now work across a 3D plane using XYZ co-ordinates to control depth thanks to a sweet advancement this morning.


A new device I’ve been working on called GRAIN FACE. It works on the principals of granular synthesis, allowing one to take individual grains of ‘live’ incoming sound and re-sythesize them in many numerous ways. My favourite facet of this device is it can take a mono input from something like a Roland SH101 and […]

Topanga Canyon

Hiking with J in Topanga Canyon is one of my favourite things to do of late.  

Bread & Jam

prepping for next Saturday

Next Saturday – November 19th

Great Line-Up, Amazing Space, Phenomenal Concept CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


I’ve turned into the opposite of a storm chaser of late, a sunset chaser. Location:Pacific Coast Hwy,Santa Monica,United States

The Dark Fish-Eye Side

180˚ view that’s what your getting right here. Often a pretty ‘gimmicky’ lens and expensive. Well now thanks to some super hi-quality glass/build quality lens coming out of South Korea you can drop one of these (8mm Rokinon Fish-Eye) on your Canon, Nikon or pretty much any other current DSLR pretty cheaply. I dropped it […]

Time Lapsing

Breathtaking…tonight approximately 6pm (please click the images to see hi-res versions)