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Kim Dotcom

So Kim Dotcom (see ) was getting quite a lot of tweets headed his way today, I worked out a little Max/MSP patch with the assistance of some cool java code to search twitter for “Dotcom” and translate that into midi that I then sent to my Moog Little Phatty to go crazy on…. […]

It doesn’t rain much in LA

These are the best days for patching in Max/MSP/Jitter the patch the Image the video/sound/result


I’m having a blast laying down this new album, a sweet combo of midi syncing multiple synths, side chaining and analog ‘re-routing’ and a decent dose of granulisation. Granulisation is coming from a few different patches I’ve made, one of my favourites at the moment is the ~munger external which I use in an fx […]

Skrill Kill

I was tutoring Ableton Live today here in LA and of course got asked, “how do you make that sound like Skrillex?” This is the patch and little jam I came up with on the spot. Included is the ‘Skrillex Rack’ using Operator and all built in Ableton Fx. It’s damn close and I’m sure […]

Sonic Meditation #1

As Sonoptik, Janeva and I are running a monthly series throughout 2012 at an awesome local Buddhist Meditation Center called MAHASUKHA. The first one for this year was on the Saturday night just past, it was a great success with a larger than expected crowd, great performances by Lucky Dragons, Lee Noble and Infinite Body […]