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Stepping Up

Lots happening as always but more to the point almost 12-months in I’m feeling pretty settled in LA, great gigs, releases and opportunities on the horizon, 2012 is stepping up!

I Like Learning

Have made some huge ‘mixing’ advancements this week and learned some new tricks, love learning new stuff, I hope it never stops. Finished up a remix this week as ‘AXXONN’, hopefully the last one for a while, I must have done nearly an albums worth of remixes in the past 6-months for artists all over […]

Thanks to Dubstep

There’s a little bit of a craze going on right now, it’s called Dubstep and it’s pretty much hit a peak in public appeal thanks to a young producer called Skrillex. I’ll be honest, I never passed Dubstep more than a glancing eye for many years, until mid 2010 when I heard a radio announcer […]


Sonoptik is releasing an album by Spheres soon. I’m pretty excited about it…. Here’s some video I shot a few years ago when I played on the same bill as him. If you like t-shirts, limited cassettes and patches you should definitely checkout the pre-order HERE

Film Scores

Been working/tutoring guys at Music &Motion Productions in synthesis using Ableton Live. We’re working on a spanish film where, when people step outside they start bleeding fron the ears and then die (there’s more to it, but that’s the basics.) Sketch Samples [audio:|titles=Fx_Sample]