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Sunday – Venice Beach

I regularly head down to Venice Beach just to refresh, we’re so fortunate it’s just a few blocks away.

Malibu Canyons

Loving the Malibu Canyons at the moment, so close to LA but they feel so far away, huge elevation in a very short amount of time/distance and insane views.  

Sonoptik | Spheres – Forsaken Dirge

Last week our label released an album described as ‘dark ambient ritualism’ by a guy from Tasmania, Australia called SPHERES. It’s killer but don’t just trust my opinion, check it out for yourself! Buy a Download | Cassette | CD

Step by Step – Full CA License

So for a few reasons my hand was finally forced and I found myself visiting the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) here in California over 5 times in one week, if you know or have heard the legend of the DMV, that is a ridiculous amount of time to be there in just 7-days. Anyway […]