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Great Events / Great Changes

So many events and changes happening right now. Let’s start with the announcement of this great Sonoptik event…. >click for hi-res<


I had the best time yesterday hanging with friends at the Silver Lake Jubilee and at the end of the day I got to jump on stage and play for them, great days!


One of the best things about doing what I do is when I get to work/collaborate with great artists like Megan Cullen – check out our short (a teaser of bigger things to come 😉 #thankful


It feels summery

San Diego

Location:8th Ave,San Diego,United States

Sea Saw

Same SAW wave synth as yesterday but ported over to MAX FOR LIVE and jammed out in real-time in Ableton Hear the SAW SYNTH out of Ableton (un-edited) [audio:|titles=Sea_Saw]

Happy Patching

Seems like AGES since I was last patching in Max/MSP. I went with something simple this morning. Two OSC tuneable poly synth. The Synth (Patch) in it’s entirety.   A 4min jam with just the patch (un-edited) [audio:|titles=Rec-12.05.01-18h31m13s]