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Completed and successfully tested my first MacOS App. I have a few more things I want to sort out. I will discuss it’s functionality in a post to follow. Here’s a sneak peek.

Simple Warble

A little warble rig for an upcoming tape delay fx

jpeg Corruption

OK so this photo got corrupted by accident, now I want to investigate how to do it on purpose. 1s and 0s

Dub Delay

Spent the afternoon working on a few variations of Dub Delay in MAX, going for a real analog vibe complete with tape warble. Velocity Sequencer > A couple of chords > Operator > M4L Dub Delay (it get’s crazy at the end) [audio:|titles=Dub Delay]


It’s my favorite time of the year.

Midnight Patching

J has a big gig next weekend doing live visuals at REDCAT all on her own. This time I left it up to her to build here own jitter/video system. However, I realised that VIZZE (Max/MSP’s intro to modular video) is stuck at a 640 x 480 screen resolution and we’re using 1280 x 720 […]


I love granulisation Listen to audio samples [audio:|titles=Rec-12.06.14-21h06m05s] [audio:|titles=Rec-12.06.14-21h04m16s] [audio:|titles=Rec-12.06.14-21h03m49s] [audio:|titles=Rec-12.06.14-21h03m35s] [audio:|titles=Rec-12.06.14-20h54m16s]


Really cool iPhone/iPad App called THICKET for making visuals, check it out.


new object, new sound, new vision for TMH


listen:[audio:|titles=2d_wave] wavetable synthesis (sample is Dolly Parton’s 9-5)

= love

My love for the computer as a music making tool is equaled by my love for real juicy analog outboard.