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3D Physics

Getting way into 3D, have written a new jitter patch to incorporate it into my live set, finished a bunch of 3D content (will still do more before Saturday’s gig).   Some video screen shots of this stuff above fed through my jitter patch


Finally, years ago I was buying yet another hardware synth and J was like “really, how many can you play at once?”, my reply “well with the right patching, all of them at once”. I got hold of this sweet Motu Micro Express today, basically you can send midi signals from a DAW (your favorite […]

Vintage Weekend

Finished some of the final parts for the next AXXONN album over the weekend, it’s so close to done it’s not funny. A good friend allowed me to spend some time in his beautiful studio (thanks Mate!) to nail a few parts….

3rd Dimension

I’ve never made anything in 3D, these are some of my first experiments from yesterday, the first time I’ve ever used 3D software. Preparing to create some new real-time 3D video works and need to get up to speed//   [click to see large and in hi-res]

Specta v2

• 8 different tracks on one spectrogram • Linear and Logarithmic • Refresh Rate


Working on a multi-channel Spectrogram to run natively inside Ableton Live  


I love my synths