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Playa Del Rey

I was shooting another timelapse this evening, here’s a still.


I grew up by the beach, my life pretty much revolved around it throughout my childhood. It seems only natural that whenever I’m at the beach/in the water, I feel at home.

Animoog – so good

Easily the best sounding and funnest ios App on the market. A little jam with just the built in effects in Animoog, no ext. processing at all. Hear it get dirty towards the end!! Listen: [audio:|titles=animoog jam]

A little show

Played a ‘noise’ show last night, although it wasn’t that noisy. Once the first act played the gallery co-ordinator warned the organizer to keep it down. I actually enjoyed everyone’s sets and seeing them have to show restraint.


Saw SUNN O))) last night, huge bass and fantastic harmonic overtones + their usual massive back line.

Back in LA

Just back from Colorado, a truly inspirational time and hugely beneficial. My last snap before leaving…

Colorado Peaches

#1 #2 One of the best peaches I’ve ever had in my life, #Breckenridge #Colorado #USA


I’m in Colorado for work and this a quick sketch of what it looks like. Trees (they’re amazing)


Finally got to see SQUAREPUSHER last night, one of those performances that just physically moves you (literally), I was so impressed. SP visuals were solid, all B&W.   Skrillex played too, but had nothing on SQUAREPUSHER