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Xbox Kinect + 3D Spacial Mapping

Having a play with spacial mapping etc. with the Xbox Kinect last night, easily one of the cheapest, coolest pieces of hardware around.

DMX + Kinect + Max6

A little body tracking with DMX LEDS, Kinects and some nifty Max programming. Full story coming soon…

AXXONN Beyond Light

The newest album for my project AXXONN dropped yesterday. Check it out here: Sonoptik

Human Resources

Snippet of sight/sound for my live set tonight


This city grows on me more every day [click to see big]

Deer Creek Road, Malibu

Looking north towards Oxnard from the top of Deer Creek Rd. PCH (Highway 1) in the foreground and Santa Cruz Island on the horizon.


Audio, Metaphorical and Real, I love them!