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Light Painting

Live Trajectories programmed in Lua/Max6

Programming in MAX FOR LIVE

The accumulation of an extensive video series I’ve been working on about MAX FOR LIVE. This is the perfect opportunity to get into programming in Max For Live…..go for it!!

Thanks Giving

My big achievement for Thanks Giving Holiday (not surviving the mammoth amount of food and wine) I successfully Ice Skated for the first time, had an absolute blast.


For a long time now I’ve always felt the greatest thing about digital audio is the ability to deal with each individual audio sample as an entity, that means the ability to manipulate each single cycle sample of a total of 44100 samples per second, with computer being the only thing fast enough to obtain […]

The Admiral

Once of the plushest cars I’ve ever ridden in, no performance beast but definitely built for comfort.

Spectral EQ

The great thing about Max and Max For Live is you can make tools that are not readily available and/or ultra expensive quite easily. Here I created a 256 band spectral delay with live wave form reference. I’m going to release an assorted pack of cool stuff when Ableton release Live9, atm it’s all being […]

So I’ve been working on an epic set of Max For Live patches that’ll ship around the same time as Live9, they’re created with sound sculptor,mangler,destroyer,manipulator in mind.  

Xbox Kinect

A little more jamming with the Kinect, using the jit.freenect object – going to start building it into a performance shortly.